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Zeroed Out

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Seema Datar recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game Zeroed Out. His description:
‘Zeroed out is a challenging math and logic game where the “red tile” needs to be navigated from the “Start” position to the “End” position to complete a puzzle. On moving the tile in horizontal or vertical directions, it gets swapped with its neighboring tile. After the red tile is moved into a new position, the value of all tiles adjacent to it is reduced by 1. If any of the adjacent tiles’ value is reduced to 0, the player loses and is “Zeroed Out!”. Each move needs to be made within a time limit, which is configurable. Minimize the number of moves and the time consumed in a puzzle to achieve a better score.’

My observations:
When you land on a cluster of large numbers, then it’s quite easy.
The grid sizes are 5×5 and 6×6.
The games take about 15 seconds to solve.
I’m not sure how points are computed and then transferred to the Leaderboard.  At the moment there are 38 players and I’m #4.
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