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TAPES – Simple & minimal, beautiful puzzle: free puzzle for iphone, ipad

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I got an email yesterday from my fellow puzzle app blogger Nicola Salmoria. He alerted me to this little masterpiece called ‘Tapes – Simple & Minimal…’ I dropped the other puzzle apps to focus on this one.

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Yohei Sato is the author and he gives no rules or explanations. The pictures tell the whole story: stretch & bend the ribbons to cover all the squares. The number on each ribbon indicates how many other squares it can cover.
There are 72 levels and I solved them all. Tapes is reminiscent of Colorbind from 2010. Colorbind had a different objective and could be insanely difficult. But the ribbon concept first appeared there.
Tapes has some easy levels; others are really tough.
Without a doubt, Tapes makes it on to the List of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014.  Reminder: that list will be published in December. Great job Yohei!

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