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Next – Numbers By Vito Technology Inc.

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Next – Numbers By Vito Technology Inc. is a point scoring dexterity puzzle app game. The objective is to tap on the numbers as fast as possible.

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There are some fancy diagnostics that show how agile your mind is. There’s also a leaderboard for the easy, medium, hard & expert levels.

We’ve seen this type of speed/reaction games many times before.  They’re all good for hopefully warding off Alzheimer’s.

What’s particularly good about the expert levels: the numbers are in different sizes and the areas & shapes are also different.

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The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

Cubic Blocks by Pure Sprite Network Technology Co., Ltd. FREE

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Cubic Blocks comes from somebody in China. Not sure who. I went to the webpage and read about praise for the great leader of China. Whatever

This game is pretty good.  The object is to slide the colored blocks in a 3D space so they match up with the stars.

Some blocks will pass through the stars; others need a block so they land firmly on the star.

There are 80 levels and at the moment, I’m stuck on level 19.

1. There’s no leaderboard. But there is a ‘world record’ for each level for the minimum number of moves on each level. The record for 17 is 9 moves; I needed 49.  Level 18: world record is 29; I needed 40.

2. The world record for level 19 is 45.

3. The world record for level 35 is 108

4. The world record for level 67 is 176

Cubic Blocks is hard! Definitely give it a chance.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles