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0 -zero- by Simple Numerical Puzzles FREE

I like math puzzles a lot.  0 -zero- comes from Simple Numerical Puzzles.  The object is to slide the row right/left and the column up/down as fast as possible to get a Zero Value in the center.  How many Zeros can you get in the time limit.

This is a good game.  But there should be 3 specific times: 1 minute, 2 minutes & 5 minutes. There should be a Leaderboard feature too.
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Squares: A Game about Matching Colors: by Simple Machine, LLC Free

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Squares: A Game about Matching Colors is a point scoring puzzle app.

Look at the second image.  At the top are 3 little squares: Yellow, Orange, Yellow. You must place them in the grid as a connected string so that there will be a group of 3 matching colors. They disappear and you score points.

The game ends when you cannot fit a new string.

Why this game is good
1. It starts out very easy with just 3 colors.
2. Gradually, more and more colors are added.
3. Combos: if you manage to get a cluster of 2 colors at the same time, you get more points. This leads to a bit of gambling. Should you take the easy points or go for combos?
4. The game takes no more than 15 minutes to play.

At the moment, my top score is 2100.
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TAPES – Simple & minimal, beautiful puzzle: free puzzle for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 

I got an email yesterday from my fellow puzzle app blogger Nicola Salmoria. He alerted me to this little masterpiece called ‘Tapes – Simple & Minimal…’ I dropped the other puzzle apps to focus on this one.

iPhone Screenshot 4

Yohei Sato is the author and he gives no rules or explanations. The pictures tell the whole story: stretch & bend the ribbons to cover all the squares. The number on each ribbon indicates how many other squares it can cover.
There are 72 levels and I solved them all. Tapes is reminiscent of Colorbind from 2010. Colorbind had a different objective and could be insanely difficult. But the ribbon concept first appeared there.
Tapes has some easy levels; others are really tough.
Without a doubt, Tapes makes it on to the List of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014.  Reminder: that list will be published in December. Great job Yohei!

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Level: A Simple Puzzle Game by Starch Inc. Free!

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Starch is short for Stacie Archer, who recently contacted me about Level: A Simple Puzzle Game.
The object is to level off the rectangles by transferring the circles, squares & triangles from beam to beam.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

1 triangle = 2 circles.  1 Square = 1 triangle + 1 circle.  I think!  The black shapes never move.  The white shapes with the blank centers are negative valued.

There are 80 levels and I’ve done about 25.  They go pretty quickly, then get tricky.
The graphics are very good.  Give it a try.  Add your thoughts to the comments down below.
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March: Simple Chess

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3

Kazuki Ohta is the author of March: Simple Chess. It’s not a true chess puzzle.  The object is to get your dark blue piece to the top before your opponent’s dark red piece gets to the bottom. Alternatively, seize the dark red square before you get seized.

Squares can move and capture diagonally forward and straight ahead forward.

There are just 30 levels, which is great!  At the moment, I’m stuck on level 18 – the grids are small, but the puzzles get pretty tricky.

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A simple trick to crack all Rubik’s cubes

This video is perfect for new twisty puzzle people to figure out how to come up with your own algorithms for solving any twisty puzzle.  As opposed to copying somebody else’s formulae.
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