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[the Sequence]

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3

There is no easy way to explain Max Urusov’s newest puzzle app game [the Sequence] from the images above.

Here goes: the objective is to place some function devices on certain squares to extract balls from one square and transfer them to the destination.

The two main tools are: the one that pushes/pulls and the one that rotates it. During the Build mode, you place your tools on the grid.  During the Sequence mode, you test out your design.  Besides moving tools from 1 square to another, you can: change the rotation from clockwise to counter clockwise.  Or from pushing to pulling.

Things can get very complicated when one tool changes the position of another tool!

There are 72 levels.  I can easily see why some folks would love this game. I’ve done less than half the levels.

Hard Logic is Max’s other game. I like it better.
If you really like [the Sequence], then you should definitely check out Perfect Paths.
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Sequence Nine by Ahoot Media Free

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Loyal Blog Follower William Hu steered me to Sequence Nine.  I think I saw the icon on the App Store and assumed it was a Flow clone.  It’s nothing like it. In fact, it’s unique, challenging, sophisticated and most importantly, fun.


Look at the first two images.  Your task is to draw a route in the bottom 9 squares. When you’re done, the green dot in the top will follow that pattern, repeatedly, and hopefully arrive at the hole in the top right corner.

There are 240 levels and things get tough.
1. You can’t pass through the red walls.
2. Passing through a white dot will open/close the white lines.
3. Wormholes:  Many levels have two sets of wormholes.
4. The hardest levels include white lines (with white dots) also yellow lines (with yellow dots) and wormholes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 batches or 180 levels.
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