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Baffles Classic Puzzles

The gentlemen at Baffles the Fox contacted me about a month ago about their new compendium of puzzles: Baffles Classic Puzzles.

It’s a collection of old puzzles from Sam Loyd and other sources. It includes lots of modern puzzles too.

Let’s pause here. If you don’t own this book by Sam Loyd, you simply must.  Loyd was America’s first great puzzler. For each puzzle he created a story with a charming drawing.

Back to Baffles Classic Puzzles: there is historical information about each puzzle. These guys know their puzzle history!

iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 5

The graphics are terrific.
My only complaint is that to advance, one must either be perfect at solving these puzzles, in order to collect chickens (points) or watch a lot of ads to add more chickens. At the moment I’m thinking of a certain dexterity puzzle that I think is impossible to solve at the minimum speed. But dexterity’s never been my primary skill.

iPhone Screenshot 2

The modern puzzles include some good relatively new Lateral Thinking Puzzles.

Baffles Classic Puzzles is definitely a fine introduction to the general World of Puzzles
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Doug Engel’s Online Puzzles

My friend Doug Engel has created some very interesting puzzle apps, on his web page below. I’ve played 4 of them, and they’re good!  Sorry, no James or descriptions today.  Back on Tuesday.

Mix N Match

Reverse Three

Gopher Cover

Rotate X
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Want to make some money in puzzles? Are you a great programmer?

Want to make some money in puzzles?  The Grabarchuk family is world famous for creating all types in vast quantities. I particularly liked their app: Strimko. It’s a Latin Square puzzle. Each row & column should have the numbers 1-5. Also, each string of circles should also have the numbers 1-5. I particularly like the larger grid sizes.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Let’s talk business: Peter Grabarchuk is looking for investors for their MASSIVE COMPENDIUM OF PUZZLES, which they call PUZZLIUM. 2 months ago, they came to the New York Puzzle Party Symposium and made their demonstration/pitch.  I was the guinea pig that day.  Puzzlium is beyond humongous and good.

‘Puzzlium’s mission is to release people’s creativity to make the world smarter. Founded in 2014 by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr, Peter Grabarchuk, and Mehmet Murat Sevim’.

So far they’ve raised $ 72,000.  I’m friends with 3 of the investors. Also, they are looking for great programmers.  Go to the link at the bottom to see more. If you do end up working/investing with them, do let me know.

The main goal of Puzzlium is digitizing the puzzle world in order to:
1) transfer all puzzles from the current non-interactive media to multitouch interactive platforms;
2) preserve and give an easy access to the world puzzle heritage and achievements;
3) sparkle creativity in creators and developers to bring brand new modern puzzles;
4) avoid an ad-based mechanism of monetization;
5) build all social algorithms based solely on the participants’ interaction.

The Puzzlium network comprises three main elements:
I. Solving puzzles – interactively.
II. Creating puzzles – easily.
III. Competing with other – socially.

About Puzzlium Inc.
Puzzlium’s mission is to release people’s creativity to make the world smarter. Founded in 2014 by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr, Peter Grabarchuk, and Mehmet Murat Sevim.
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Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles by Megagon Industries $2.99

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

I’m a big fan of Ribbon Puzzles when they’re well done. The first such game is Colorbind (see link below). Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles by Megagon Industries is a fantastic addition to this genre.


The objective is to get Your Man (the colored square) to meet its matching target square.

Here’s what’s cool. As you stretch your ribbon, it leaves behind a double colored tail. When you cross over your tail, the square’s color trades with the first line.

More: many levels have Two Men, each having a different square. Which leads to very complicated swapping because One Man can cross over the tail of the Other Man.

There are also wormholes with optional exits – very interesting.  And Erasers that will eliminate the tail of One Man.


There are over 100 levels and at the moment I’ve done about 85 levels. Level 3.5 was the first real tough one for me.

Graphics: I’m not crazy about these.
1. Pillars are always the same color as Your Man. They change color with it.  I’d rather they be black.
2. Outside the grid, the space also changes with Your Man. I’m guessing this takes up too much battery.
3. Music: I always turn this off for every game. For Twisted Lines, I have to turn it off every time I open the program.

All of those are minor complaints. This puzzle app game simply rocks.

Other Ribbon Puzzles
Ribbons Puzzle Game
The Weaver
Ribbon Puzzle
TAPES - similar to Colorbind. Excellent
Woven - easy
Colorbind - the first of its kind. Genius
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Download these Free Puzzles Today




Maciej Targoni’s 3 games, all terrific, are temporarily FREE.
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Path Puzzles: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

 Path Puzzles is a puzzle app game that comes from Rod Kimball. You may recall that Rod wrote a book of these.    Click here to read that blog entry.

Look at the second image.  See the 4? That means that the path must traverse 4 of the squares. In this case, 2 below (separated, one on top, one on the bottom) and the two squares to the right.

Now Path Puzzles is available as an iphone, ipad puzzle game app.  If a number turns green, you have fulfilled that number. If a number is red, you’ve covered too many squares. 

The first 20 rooms are free.  Of those, I’ve solved 16.

Loyal Blog Readers: do me a favor and download this. Besides being very good, Rod is a friend of mine.

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Daily Heggies Puzzles

Ron Mentink recently contacted me about his puzzle concept called Heggies.  It’s very similar to Monorail produced by Glen Iba more than 5 years ago.
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Jellyban – Sweety Sokoban Puzzles by Lu Quoc Man FREE

 Jellyban – Sweety Sokoban Puzzles comes from Lu Quoc Man.

iPhone Screenshot 3

The puzzles are not very hard. However, there is a time limit and a # of moves limit.  Generally, each puzzle must be solved within 1 minute.

iPhone Screenshot 2

There are about 125 puzzles and I’ve done about 60 of them.
The puzzles themselves come from David Skinner’s Microban. Play David’s puzzles on your laptop.

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Mechanical Puzzles

 It’s been a long time since I’ve tried any mechanical puzzles.  I bought these almost a year ago, and only now have gotten around to them.  The first one is the Transparent Lock by Gary Foshee. The object is just to remove the clasp.  Not very hard, but extremely well made.

 The second puzzle is called Larva and the object is to slide the metal pieces around so that the coin can drop off. Robrecht Louage.  Not too hard, but there’s a nice surprise.

 MoYu is a twisty puzzle that’s actually 2 puzzles in one.  The circles – I first saw that feature in Smart Alex from 25 years ago.  Otherwise, it’s not that hard.

Cast Keyhole – Hanayama Metal Puzzle comes from Vesa Timonen. I’ve taken them apart but haven’t restored it yet.  Vesa has produced some very cool mechanical puzzles in the past.

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Crosses Puzzles: Unlimited Domino Free!

iPhone Screenshot 2  iPhone Screenshot 4

Crosses Puzzles: Unlimited Domino comes from Yufeng Long. The object is to get all the crosses to become white. Each cross can be in 1 of 4 positions: Red (right), Green (down), Yellow (left) and White (up).

When a green cross becomes yellow, if it points to another cross on its left, then that cross will rotate too. Solving 1 cross can lead to the un-solving of its neighbors because there is often a chain reaction.
There’s a lot to like about Crosses Puzzles: Unlimited Domino. The graphics are nice. The puzzles start out easy and gradually, I was able to come up with a system.  But then the harder questions made me rethink that. 
I especially like that there are only 60 levels.  Of those, I’ve done 29 and am stuck on 30.
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