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Move the Stone: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

There are way too many clones of Game About Squares. However, Move the Stone is very good and worthy of your time.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

Here’s why
1. Bombs. Activate a bomb to repel all adjacent objects 1 square away. Some solutions involve activating 1 bomb next to another.
2. Wormholes
3. Temporary arrows. Some squares have fixed directional arrows. Meaning, if your red square is moving to the left and it passes over an up arrow, then the red will go up of course.  The Temporary arrows disappear after the first square lands on it.
4. The graphics are just about perfect.
5. Challenging, but not impossible levels to solve.

There are 100 levels and at the moment, I’ve solved about half.
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100 Spots: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3

Jean-Michal Batty recently contacted me about his puzzle app game 100 Spots. The objective is to fill the grid with spots. Start anywhere. The next dot can move horizontally or vertically by skipping 2 dots.  Alternatively, your next spot can move diagonally, but this time only 1 dot is skipped.

The objective is to fill the grid!

We’ve seen these game rules before in other puzzle apps. But the titles have long vanished from our memory. I remember getting to 100 back then.  On this game, I got as high as 98.
These types of games are good for anybody who enjoyed the Knight’s Tour puzzle.
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RIBBONS – Puzzle Game By J BRUCE

iPhone Screenshot 1

RIBBONS – Puzzle Game by J Bruce is very similar to the many laser puzzles I’ve reviewed over the years. The object is to place reflectors along the grid so that the colored ribbons will get to their destinations at the exact same time. Numerous times I solved the puzzle, but didn’t get the timing right. But eventually, I solved them all.

iPhone Screenshot 2

There are 40 levels. Some have 3 and 4 ribbons.

iPhone Screenshot 3

A lot of levels already have reflectors in place. Those were really meant to restrict movement.

I really like this game, and it’s FREE.

Very Similar Puzzles
Route Out
Route Out 2
7 Park Puzzle

Other Ribbon Puzzles
The Weaver
Ribbon Puzzle
TAPES - similar to Colorbind. Excellent
Woven - easy
Colorbind - the first of its kind. Genius
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Zobrist Cube: mechanical puzzle of the month

Photo original

A story: almost 20 years ago I bought a Burr Set of puzzles from Interlocking Puzzles.  The set consisted of 30 to 40 pieces and made 314 6-piece different burr puzzles. It cost $ 150. I was hesitant because I didn’t really understand what a burr puzzle was.  When I got it, I worked my way through all 314 puzzles.  Took about a month.

Zobrist Cube Code Classic II Cube

The Zobrist Cube comes from Al Zobrist. I saw an advertisement for it in Discover Magazine.

Al Zobrist is the brain behind this monster set. At first glance, the Zobrist Cube looks like an ordinary Soma Cube: assemble the pieces to form a 3×3 cube.  However, The Zobrist Cube should be renamed as The Zobrist Cube Set because it comes with 33 pieces – most are unique, some are duplicates.

Each pieces has an embossed letter on it.  The Zobrist Cube Set comes with a manual that describes over 20 THOUSAND  cube combinations.  Fortunately, these are grouped into easy & hard levels.

At the top of the hard levels is a great quote from Stewart Coffin who describes these harder puzzles as ’30-minute’ puzzles.

Having done a bunch of Soma Cube variations over the years, I instantly headed to the hard ones.  The first one I did in 10 minutes.  The next one – I gave up after 30 minutes.  I skipped to somewhere in the middle and solved the next 3 in about 5 minutes each. I may have been lucky.

Al has turned this puzzle set into a game: 2 people square off, and select 2 random puzzles (with different pieces of course) and see who solves their first.

Zobrist Cube Classic I and II Cubes

Somebody, somewhere in this great land, is going to take the time to solve them all. It won’t be me.

$ 35: perfect gift for a kid, adult, a graduation present and for yourself.

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Orb-It!: Dexterity puzzle game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2  iPhone Screenshot 2

Orb-It! comes from Three Simians Lab. It’s very similar to ‘aa’ which is simple and powerfully addictive. Orb-It! is superior.

The objective is to shoot balls from the bottom onto the spinning rings.  Black balls always land on the outer ring, purple on the inner ring. Can you shoot them in without colliding?

There are 125 levels and I’ve done 32 of them.!/id963857186?mt=8
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Nexionode Lite: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 5     iPhone Screenshot 2

Dylan from Big Round Eyes recently contacted me about a puzzle app game of his called Nexionode.
Your task is to turn the orange lights blue by making contact with another node. Essentially, it’s a topology game. Knowing where to start and where to end is key.

At the beginning, all the circles have orange lights. You must change them to blue by connecting them to another circle.

At first, I thought to myself: just another topology game. However, These can be really challenging. For one thing, there are gray squares that act as obstacles.  Later on, the tiles are in perpetual motion and everything must be connected before intersections take place.  For those levels 3 things must happen: first solve the puzzle in the normal way (only in your head), strategize how to do, then do it lightning quick.

I have not solved all of the levels. I’m not sure how many levels because of the way they’re laid out. I’m guessing maybe 125 levels. I was challenged and I had fun; that’s the bottom line right? (Notice I used a colon there?)

Behind the puzzles, there is a science fiction story, but I didn’t pay attention to it. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I always turn off the music & sound effects – to preserve the battery.
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New York Puzzle Party: Saturday 2/17

The annual New York Puzzle Party will be Saturday February 17, 2018. 9:30 – 4:00  

At the moment, there will be 7 presentations:

1. Best Puzzle Apps of 2017  Tom Cutrofello

2. Making Optical Illusions on your computer  Charlie Deck

3. The trials & tribulations of successfully marketing your game  Michael Cahill

4. A Complete Waste of Computer Time  Bill Cutler

5. Escape Rooms  Lisa & David Spira

6. Workshop: Making Flexagons  Ann Schwartz

7. Progress on solving the ClimbPro24 Sliding Block Puzzle  Glenn Iba

All puzzlers are welcome.  If this is your first time to attend NYPP, send me a note.

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Tile Tales – Charming number puzzle: app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 5iPhone Screenshot 1 

The good people at NordicEdu sent me a promo code to test out their new game Tile Tales – Charming number puzzle. I just assumed that it was a tangram-type puzzle.  Not at all.

iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 2

The object is to start at the very bottom and zigzag your way to the very top to maximize your score. There is no backtracking!

Look at the third image, yes, there are negative tiles.  Other tiles make things even more complicated.
There are 50 levels.  I did the first 25 very rapidly.  I’m at 42 now.
I should mention: the music is very nice.  After you solve each puzzle, a nice mosaic pops up.

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Five Nights in Prison: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 3

Five Nights in Prison is one of many, many ‘Escape the Room’ type puzzle apps.  I downloaded it because I thought the title was interesting.

There are 15 rooms to escape from.  Each room has all the clues you need to escape that room only. So that made it kind of easy.

What I didn’t like: when picking up an item, I could not zoom in to get a good look at the object.
Also, the first 8 rooms are free. After that, it’s $ 1.99.  I played the next 7 rooms over 2 days. Each time I started the program, I had to tap ‘restore purchase’ to access those rooms. Annoying.

In room 14, I figured out the combination to the lock without finding all the blue clue.

Five Nights in Prison is an okay ‘escape the room’ adventure. It’s good for first timers..

Hey!  If you’ve played other Escape the Room puzzle apps and liked them, please tell us in the comment box.

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7 Squares – free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 4

Georgy Sarkisyan’s 7 Squares looks very familiar to other puzzle games where the objective is to place stones in the grid to match the numbers at the top of each column and to the left of each row.

What’s different? The very bottom shows the number of adjacent stones.  Look at the first image. 4 green dots are connected and above it says 1/1. This means that there should be only 1 set of 4, and it’s been made.

Is this original? I’m not sure.  Georgy has another game called Block by_Block which is a clone of an older game called Magic Bricks. Therefore, I must assume that all of his games are clones of others.

Another issue: Why must I have to solve all the 5×5 levels to get to the 6×6?  Annoying.
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