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Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles by Megagon Industries $2.99

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I’m a big fan of Ribbon Puzzles when they’re well done. The first such game is Colorbind (see link below). Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles by Megagon Industries is a fantastic addition to this genre.


The objective is to get Your Man (the colored square) to meet its matching target square.

Here’s what’s cool. As you stretch your ribbon, it leaves behind a double colored tail. When you cross over your tail, the square’s color trades with the first line.

More: many levels have Two Men, each having a different square. Which leads to very complicated swapping because One Man can cross over the tail of the Other Man.

There are also wormholes with optional exits – very interesting.  And Erasers that will eliminate the tail of One Man.


There are over 100 levels and at the moment I’ve done about 85 levels. Level 3.5 was the first real tough one for me.

Graphics: I’m not crazy about these.
1. Pillars are always the same color as Your Man. They change color with it.  I’d rather they be black.
2. Outside the grid, the space also changes with Your Man. I’m guessing this takes up too much battery.
3. Music: I always turn this off for every game. For Twisted Lines, I have to turn it off every time I open the program.

All of those are minor complaints. This puzzle app game simply rocks.

Other Ribbon Puzzles
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Ribbon Puzzle
TAPES - similar to Colorbind. Excellent
Woven - easy
Colorbind - the first of its kind. Genius
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Square Lines: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Square Lines is a free point scoring game that’s designed to test your reflexes. Look at the very top of the image.  See the square? From the right, a green line is coming. You must quickly rotate the square so that the green side will catch the green line.

There are 4 levels of difficulty. The easiest: there is only 1 square to deal with.  The hardest: 4 squares at the same time.
We should all be playing games like this every so often to ward off Alzheimer’s.
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Lines Numeric Fun: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad. Also, my thoughts on ripoffs.

iPhone Screenshot 1                           iPhone Screenshot 4
John Adams has created an interesting set of topology type puzzles. Look at the first image: the objective is to cover all the squares from the starting square to the ending square. Make sure you fill up all the squares and of course the 1 square must come before the 2 square. You get the idea. I did those 24 levels very quickly.
The green levels have 2 paths that must be connected simultaneously. Here’s what’s interesting: because there are 2 paths, there are two sets of numbers.  You don’t know which numbers are for the green path and which are for the orange path. These puzzles are more difficult.

There are 24 blues levels where there are 3 paths.  The 24 yellow levels have 4 paths! Very challenging and fun.
Recently, a puzzle app developer was asking for my advice/opinion. I generally want to stay positive. However, since this game is a ripoff from, I feel I can vent. So, let’s talk about the negatives. First are the ads that will interrupt your game. Beyond annoying! Turn off the wifi!  The graphics are old school. I’m not crazy about them. For example: the board does not fill up the screen. Why not take advantage of the full screen?  I also don’t like the font and have trouble distinguishing a 2 with a 3. Maybe I need reading glasses.
Those complaints are really minor. I positively love these puzzles. Right now I’ve done 81 out of the 96 levels.
According to my fellow puzzle app blogger Nicola  this game was originally published here: and that this game is a blatant clone. That’s unfortunate. It also makes me not want to complete all of the levels. Or do I?
The hard lesson for everybody who’s developing a great puzzle: if your game is successful, there is a 100% certainty that you will be ripped off by cloners. There is no entity that will protect your intellectual property.
Numeric Paranoia Space Dots are similar games. The former is better. The latter is easier and more colorful.

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Four Straight Lines: point scoring puzzle app

iPhone Screenshot 2

Four Straight Lines looks a lot like 2048, but it’s nothing like it. Except for the fact that you must swipe the tiles in any direction.  If 4 of the same color make a line- vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they disappear & you get 4 points. After every move, a new tile will appear randomly.

My high score is 508. The top scorer on the leaderboard is ikkejessica with 1988. Very impressive.

Theoretically, one game, played perfectly, could go on forever, I think. Similar to Stickets. Although I think Stickets  is more elegant and sophisticated.
I should mention that Four Straight Lines is FREE.
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Lines: Connect the Dots – free puzzle app game for ipad

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Lines: Connect the Dots is another topology puzzle app.  Remember last Friday’s review of One Line: Circle & Conquer.  These are basically the same thing. Although that other game is much harder.

Today’s game has 75 levels and I solved them in about 15 minutes. If you’re having trouble with One Line: Circle & Conquer, switch to these. Once you know the trick, these become so easy!

I had a little trouble with one level because the dots were tightly packed and I was allowed to draw illegal lines between points.

There’s one level with 3 stars that I particularly liked.

Hey, this game is totally free.

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Lines 123 – FREE Point Scoring puzzle App

iPhone 스크린샷 1  iPhone 스크린샷 2

Sang Moon Joo has produced some nifty puzzle app games recently. It’s hard to keep up.

Lines 123 looks like a version of Tower of Hanoi.  It’s not.

The instructions are simple.
1. Move 1 tile from one column to another.
2. Then a tile will drop, always in order from left to right.
3. Combine like numbers to form larger numbers and clear up space.
4. The average game takes about 10-15 minutes.
5. The tiles at the top are randomly generated.

My top score is 9800. My highest tile so far – 10.

There is no leaderboard, which is a shame, because I’m wondering if anybody has gotten an 11.
I suspect this is one of those puzzle games that nobody downloads. It’s really good.

Some of Sang Moon Joo’s other games
Maze 11
Number Escape
4 Way Puzzle

Loop 101

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LInes War: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Lines War is a puzzle app game that we’ve seen before. But not recently. The object is to quickly draw lines to seal off  the grid from the bouncing ball. Once you wall off 75%, you’re done!  Level 2 has two bouncing balls – much tougher.  I don’t have the patience for that. But it’s fun!

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