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Good Story about Peace Corps Swaziland

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer some 30 years ago. I posted some thoughts about that last year.

Caila Lane served recently and has written her account, which is simply excellent. The one thing I would add: in the Peace Corps, there’s a lot of down time. It’s essential to read a lot, visit other volunteers and fill up that time to stay sane.

The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build: puzzle app for all devices.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Loyal Blog Follower Daniel Scher alerted me to A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build.

iPhone Screenshot 2

This is one of the more expensive games at $ 4.99, but it’s quite charming.  The objective is to roll the snowballs – following the rules of sokoban – and stack them up to form a snowman. This is an excellent variation to the regular sokoban games.  I’d like to see another version with 4 snowballs needed to create each snowman.

iPhone Screenshot 5

There are 30 levels and I’ve done them all. Took about 2 hours. Some of them are quite tricky.  I’m a little unsure about what happens when you exit. It gets a bit weird. And what’s up with the telescopes? Will update this later with a list of other sokoban games.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

Good article on puzzle apps for classrooms
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

Good Fences: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 4

When my friend Nicola Salmoria tweets about a good puzzle game, I pay attention. Craig S. Kaplan’s Good Fences has made me actually enjoy a polyomino puzzle.


Description from the App Store:
Good Fences is a fiendishly difficult solitaire game that combines Sudoku-like logical deduction with geometric intuition and spatial reasoning. The idea is simple: build a Good Fence by surrounding a shape with copies of itself. Sound easy? Well, OK, sometimes we throw in a gimme to lull you into a false sense of security. But can you then completely surround a shape using the smallest possible number of copies? How about the largest possible number? And if you can do that, can you also build a fence around your fence, that is, a second level of surround? You’ll discover that some of these challenges require persistence and ingenuity.

Good Fences is a virtual book of over 100 puzzle shapes, adding up to over 400 individual challenges. It will provide many hours of frustration, torment, mental exhaustion, stimulation, entertainment, and, ultimately, redemption. The interface is easy to use, and the colours are bright and friendly. The app doesn’t display ads or otherwise consume internet bandwidth, and has no in-app purchases or upgrades.

My thoughts:
1. The first objective is to surround the piece with copies of itself. Reflections and rotations are fine.
2. The second objective is to surround the piece with the minimum number of copies.
2. The third objective is to surround the piece with the maximum number of copies.
4. I am very impressed with the mathematics and the overall presentation.
5. I’m not a purist. I’m perfectly content to solve puzzles without being perfectly efficient.
6. Some of them are quite hard.  I’m thinking of the shape that looks like a swan.
7. Good Fences is a strong contender for a 2015 PAGY nomination.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

This is good advice

Developing a good puzzle app?  Read this article.

The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

Gerrymander: Rig the Election by Good Egg Games FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Gerrymander: Rig the Election comes from Good Egg Games. The object is is draw some lines so that each group has an equal number of people and that your political party will prevail in a majority of the regions.

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 5

Note Puzzlers not in America: every 10 years the United States does a census. The purpose of this is to reallocate the number of representatives to the House of Representatives.  Let’s say New York needs to lose 1 seat while Texas gains a seat.  The state government in each state will then redraw the district lines. Theoretically, this would be done logically. However, some democrats and republicans will be very craft to ensure that their party wins a majority.  The origin of the term Gerrymandering is also interesting.  See the link for the other game Districts.

I’ve solved about 15 levels. It’s okay.

Districts is very similar and came out earlier this year.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles