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Block Boss – puzzle game for all devices

iPhone Screenshot 1

Block Boss has been on my radar for a couple of months.   The object is to shift the tiles around each other and then slide them to the borders to catch the stars.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Not sure about this game. It’s a good idea. But I don’t understand why I can’t make certain moves.

I have not play tested this enough.

2015 PAGY Awards – December 30th & 31st. Exciting.  Oh! I have a little surprise for December 29.
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Pluszle: Brain Logic Game by Huckleberry BV FREE

Do you remember the game Qwhizzle? I loved it! Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Hopefully, if you’re a Loyal Blog Follower, you downloaded it.

Recently Eljo Bosman contacted me about his team’s new game: Pluszle: Brain Logic. It’s another math puzzle.

The object is to highlight numbers in the grid so that the selected numbers add up to the numbers on the right and the ones down below.

What I particularly like is that each level can be solved in 6 degrees of difficulty. 
(This concept is not new. Tower Locked comes to mind.)

Pluszle has an excellent feature which makes this more manageable & fun: one button adds up only the numbers already selected.  Another button adds up all the numbers which makes it easier to see which numbers must be eliminated.

At the hardest setting, I need about 10-15 minutes.  At level 5, I’m gotten my time down to 3-4 minutes.

At the moment, I’ve done about 35 levels.

Whereas Qwhizzle had me very hyped, Pluszle has a more calm feel to it. Definitely a fun math puzzle.


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EnigmOn: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2

EnigmOn is a puzzle app game that is similar to 100 Floors and all of its clones.  There are 28 levels to solve.  See the key? That’s level 1.

iPhone Screenshot 4

See the safe? That’s where I’m currently stuck.

Right now the price is $ 1.99.  I got it for free because AppsGoneFree keeps track of cool apps – of all types – that become free for a limited time. About 2 weeks ago, they featured Can’t Stop about a week after I paid $ 1.99. Oh well.

On another note, looking at newly published puzzle apps – there is a deluge of clones of Threes! and 2048! There must be at least 100 of these. What’s disappointing is that it’s harder to find the real gems under the rubble.  If you find something good, do send me an email.
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2 Cars: free reflex game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2      iPhone Screenshot 3       iPhone Screenshot 4

The images above tell the whole story. I have to admit, I love this little game. It’s too fast for me though. My high score is only 40. Often, when changing lanes, I sideswipe a square. 

To really appreciate this game, first play it a few times. Then check the high scores on the Leaderboard. Who are these people and how do they do it?

Update 2/20: my new high score is 60.
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Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+) – puzzle app game for all devices.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Loyal Blog Follower William Hu told me about Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+)

iPhone Screenshot 3

This is unquestionably, one of the hardest maze games around. Most maze solvers know the essential hint: work backwards.  Impossible here.

iPhone Screenshot 5

Your goal is to pick up the key to exit.
When your man is on the green field, he can only transfer to another field via a portal. However, the fields can change colors.

I did not get far in this game. Probably because I’m trying to play test other worthy games to keep blogging 5x/week. 

Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+) demands your full attention for a solid week or more. If you have played this game, share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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Sharp Minds: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3

The object of Sharp Minds is to swipe/add the blue tiles into the yellow ones to eliminate the yellow tiles.
When I played the first 40 levels of Sharp Minds, I didn’t like it because it was too easy. Nevertheless I kept playing to experience the ‘special powers’. The ‘special powers’ didn’t start at the beginning. I think they start at level 41.

Some tiles have a little circle in the corner.  Let’s say a 3 has that symbol. If you use that 3 with other numbers to eliminate a 12, for example, then all the yellow 12′s will be eliminated.

Other tiles have a little arrow in the corner. That power: if you swipe/add blue tiles up to eliminate a yellow tile, then all of the other yellow tiles – going in that direction – will also be eliminated.

Each level has a fixed starting field of numbers. However, when the blue tiles get replaced, they are replaced with random numbers.

Sharp Minds has ’hundreds’ of  levels and I’ve solved 141. This took about 3-4 hours to achieve. Yesterday I was in a 2 hour staff meeting, so I got a lot done. (Hope the boss doesn’t follow this blog.)
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Knotty Ropes: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 5
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw Knotty Ropes listed as a puzzle game app.
iPhone Screenshot 1

It’s actually just another Planarity type game where you have to move the points around so that no lines intersect.

iPhone Screenshot 2

I’ve played hundreds of levels of this type of game before. So I’m kind of done with this genre. However, I actually love the user interface. it’s elegant, appealing and I actually enjoyed these.
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2D1B – Free Addictive Game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 1

Jignesh Bhensadadia has created another test-your-reflexes game called Two Dots One Brain. The object is to catch the balls with the matching hemisphere.

We’ve seen this type of game a lot recently. It’s fun for about 10 minutes. Play it with a partner – each person is responsible for just 1 circle.

Jignesh created another puzzle which I played but never got around to posting a review. It’s better:  But now that I think about it, this game might be a clone of another game.

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Incredible Box Brainstorm Puzzle Game – free for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2

Incredible Box Brainstorm is a rolling box puzzle app. The object is to move it to the target area. If you look closely at the image above, you’ll see a ghost image of the target.
The graphics are very good. You can rotate the playing board.
The puzzles themselves are well designed. I’m impressed.
There are 30 levels and I’ve done 14 of them.

Other Cube-Rolling puzzle apps
Cubot - really great
Dice Jockey
Qvoid - one of the best puzzle apps ever
Cubler - fantastic
ODMO – okay
Bloxorz – one of the originals

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Caveboy Escape: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1
Desmond Lee recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Caveboy Escape. It’s a maze game. The object is to get the caveboy from the bottom star to the arrow on top.  He must travel on like colored tiles in groups of three. For example, he can travel brown, brown, brown, gray, gray, gray, tan, tan tan. I have 1 qualm. When I step on a brown tile, it changes its shade so I sometimes loose track of things. But it’s a minor complaint.
iPhone Screenshot 2
There is a time limit to solve these puzzles in groups of threes.  There are some 500 levels which translates into 1500 puzzles. But they go pretty fast. I played the game yesterday for about an hour and solved about 75 levels. They’re fun! I did get stuck a bunch of times, so that’s good.

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