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Number Array by an zhuona FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Number Array comes from an zhuona.

His description: The goal of number array is to arrange the numbers into four rows ordered from top to bottom, 1 through maximum, each row having a different color.

At the beginning of game, you have 4 blank spaces to place the numbers. A blank space can be filled by the next value of the same color as the number to its top. For example, the 4 of red can be placed in a blank space to the right of the 3 of red. No numbers can be placed to the right of a maximum. If there are multiple blanks to the right of a maximum, none can be used without moving the maximum.

My thoughts: this is an interesting game that involves interesting strategy.  Multiple times I ran into trouble and had to restart. 

My only complaint is that the shades of blue are a touch too similar.

2 questions:
1. How are these puzzles generated?
2. Are there multiple solution paths?
3. Is every situation possible to solve?
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Divisor by G vector FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Divisor by G vector is a reverse-point scoring puzzle game. The object is to place the numbered tiles at the bottom onto the grid so that 2 or more adjacent tiles will a factor of each other. The game ends when there are no more tiles. Doing this with the least # of moves is the objective.

Look at image #1.  Place the 9 at the top right corner. See the two 18′s? They will turn into 2′s. Then both 2′s will divide into the 42, making it 21. Chain reactions like that are key.

At first I didn’t like this game, but I do now.

Late Announcement: there’s an annual Celebration of Mind dinner to honor Martin Gardner. Various people are hosting dinners around the country/world. It was this past Sunday. Sorry for forgetting to post this.

If there’s not a dinner where you live, you can plan to host one. 
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The Impossible Dodging Game: free point scoring game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2

Diego Acevedo is the author of The Impossible Dodging Game. The object is to place your man, a small square, anywhere on the board and then dodge the oncoming traffic of rectangles that fall from above. You can slide your man side to side & up and down.

I like this game a lot because things start off nice and slow and very gradually speed up.  My high score so far is 279.

This is the kind of game where I say I’ll play it a few times, but end up playing it for a month.

Diego also created the Impossible Cube Maze Game,
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Similo by Nicolas Beaudette Free

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 1

I’ve never seen The Bard in a puzzle app. Though I did read a fascinating article that pointed at some clues that implied that he did not write all those plays.

The object of Similio is to draw a connecting line among similar shapes or similar colored objects in order to achieve various objectives.  Kind of like Candy Crush, but not necessarily in a grid pattern.

Smaller objects will fall through the cracks via gravity.

I played maybe 5 or 6 levels. It’s not a pure puzzle because when objects link up and disappear, random ones appear.  You might need some reds with 10 moves left and get them, or not.

If you like Candy Crush, give Similio a try.
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IQube Lite: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPad Screenshot 1
IQube Lite is a rolling cube puzzle game. I’ve seen numerous mechanical versions and a bunch of virtual games.  The object is to roll your cubes around to create various patterns.
iPad Screenshot 2
Definitely okay, but not original or particularly fun. Then again, I’ve done so many of these in the past. Give it a try.
iPad Screenshot 3
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Level: A Simple Puzzle Game by Starch Inc. Free!

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Starch is short for Stacie Archer, who recently contacted me about Level: A Simple Puzzle Game.
The object is to level off the rectangles by transferring the circles, squares & triangles from beam to beam.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

1 triangle = 2 circles.  1 Square = 1 triangle + 1 circle.  I think!  The black shapes never move.  The white shapes with the blank centers are negative valued.

There are 80 levels and I’ve done about 25.  They go pretty quickly, then get tricky.
The graphics are very good.  Give it a try.  Add your thoughts to the comments down below.
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Exit the Tunnels – An Army Puzzle: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 4

Galia Aviram has created a maze puzzle app game that requires you to navigate the drone soldier to the enemy’s ammunition hideout.  Seems kind of easy, but these are pretty tough.

Doors open only 1 way. There’s a lot of backtracking.  See the yellow keys in the second image? Passing over 1 of them will open a specific door someplace else.

There are only 25 levels and I’ve solved 9 of them. These are really good puzzles. However, there are too many ads and the graphics could be so much better. Also, we’ve seen this type of maze/door puzzle before. I’m not sure if these puzzle levels are original. But they are challenging and solving 25 is plenty.

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Blockuku by Quan Trong FREE

 Blockuku comes from Quan Trong. The object is to place the shapes into the grid to match the numbers on the horizontal and vertical axes.

There are 78 levels and they go pretty fast. Lots of easy levels.  At the moment, I’ve done about 65. They’re getting tougher now.

What could be better:
1. Graphics: change the color scheme every so often.
2. Each grid is a square. This could sometimes be a rectangle.
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Puzzlations: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1                       iPhone Screenshot 4

Puzzlation comes from Kevin Brain (Good last name.)  As you can see from the images, it’s an edge-matching puzzle app game.  Here’s what’s particularly good: you can adjust the settings from easy to hard. Kevin makes a distinction between Corner Match & Edge Match, but they’re really the same thing.  When he means Corner Match, he’s referring to each side having 2 colors.

Tiles can be swapped. On the harder levels, tiles can only be slid. A lot harder.

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Color 6 by Tigrido FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

This past weekend I saw the image of Color 6 and just passed it by. Seemed like another ‘packing puzzle’ and I didn’t scrutinize this properly. Big thanks to Loyal Blog Follower David Cole for alerting me about this game. It’s seriously good.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

Color 6 is a point scoring puzzle app. The object is to make perfect hexagons of a single color. Each one made is 1 point, then it disappears. I played this game 3 times last night. This morning I played it once and almost got to work late.

One feature I really like is the color-blind mode. I wish other games would adopt this idea.

My high score is 169. This places me in the middle of 55,000 people. The game came out last week. How did it get so popular? Maybe it was featured by the App Store.

It is possible to form 2 hexagons at the same time. If they overlap, only 1 point will be given.  If the 2 hexagons do not overlap, only 2 points are given.  I’m a bit mystified as to how so many people have scores in the thousands.

Warning: this game is very addictive.

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