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Croco’s Escape: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1
My instinct when seeing this kind of graphic – stay away – it’s just for kids! Nevertheless, I got an email – spam, really, talking about how there are 120 levels and you have to get Croco to escape.
Here’s the deal, it’s a rectangular version of Rush Hour.
iPhone Screenshot 3

Croco starts on the left and must get to the exit. You have to move the obstacles.  I did the first 20 levels and the program told me I couldn’t go on because I didn’t get 3 stars for each level. I don’t know how I didn’t get 3 stars. Nor do I really wish to go back to earn them. The graphics are a bit clumsy and I’ve already done a few thousand of these Rush Hour types before. There was one thing that was cute – when Croco gets tot he exit, he looks up at you, presumably to say thanks. Croco’s Escape is strictly for kids.
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Smashy 4 by Funvelous FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Smashy 4 is a point scoring puzzle from Funvelous. Look for an adjacent pair that match. The pair could be both inside the square. Or, 1 could be outside. Tap on one of them. The other will disappear  and the row/column will shift in one specific direction.  If you tap on the other one instead, the row/column will shift in the opposite direction.  This element is key to keeping your game going for as long as possible. The game ends when there are no more legal moves.

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 5

Smashy 4 is a very solid game. The graphics are good. Good rules. Relatively fast game. However, I have noticed that the game often ends even though I still have legal moves to make. That needs to be fixed.
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Nokori – free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Stephen Henney’s Nokori is very similar to The Chain Free from last year.

The object is to combine elements along the same row or column and eliminate all but one. For example, look at the first image.  The blue square can shift onto the blue circle. Then the green square can land on it, then the green diamond.  Then the purple square will come on it.

iPhone Screenshot 1

There are 21 levels with each level having 7 puzzles.  They start off pretty easy.  I’m in the middle of Level 13 and they’re tough!  My only criticism is the leaderboard. Instead of the fastest time each level, it should be just total levels solved. Keep it simple.

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Happy Hexagons: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 3
Happy Hexagons is very similar to Flood It.  The object is to turn all of the hexagons into the same color.  You start with your man being in the top left corner.  If the hexagons adjacent are red, then you turn yourself red and absorb the newcomers.  Like the Borg in Star Trek.
We’ve seen this type of puzzle many times before.  Nothing great. But you get a smiley face when you succeed with a certain number of moves.

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Sevens Up by Lisa Burns Free!

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 4

Do you remember the game Merged!? It’s a great point scoring game.

Sevens Up by Lisa Burns is essentially the same thing, but with an addition.

But let’s go over the objectives first.  Score points by getting 3 of the same number together.  Three 4′s will merge to form a single 5.  When three 7′s merge, all the surrounding tiles disappear.

In the original Merged! playing 1 game could take an hour or more.  Sevens Up offers the opportunity to extend the game practically forever.  Look at the third image. In the bottom right corner is a tile with 2 arrows.  Placing this on the board will eliminate the tiles in that column.  How do you get those tiles? By merging three 7′s.

I played this game for about 30 minutes without using any of these special tiles.  After 45 minutes, I realized I needed to intentionally lose the game.

Sevens Up offers a nice twist on a great game. The graphics are nice.
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Roll the Dices by Kevin Chooramun FREE

iPhone Screenshot 5 iPhone Screenshot 1 

Roll the Dices comes from Kevin Chooramun.  The object is to roll the two dice – separately – onto 2 squares in the checkerboard so that the numbers match on the top and sides.  Look at the first image.

Obviously, we need the 5 & 6 to be in the same column, but they must line up with the #s on the side.

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 4

Images 2 & 3 show blue squares which cannot be rolled on, and wormholes.

I think there are 30 levels. Of those, I’ve done more than half.

This happens a lot to me: I download an app, then play test it, but then cannot find it on the App Store. Such was the case when I searched Roll the Dices. Fortunately, Kevin’s email was listed in the game itself. I contacted him for the link and he’s thrilled that over 2000 people have played his game.

Overall, this is a nice first game. What would make this game very challenging would be if the dice (plural of die) would move simultaneously. That would make the blue squares even more important.
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aa: free game app for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1

My students recently urged me to give ‘aa’ a try. No, I am not an alcoholic!  ‘Aa’ is the name of a ‘test your reflexes’ game.  Look at the image.  The big wheel is turning, sometimes at a constant rate, sometimes at a variable rate.
When there is room, you must shoot the next number so that it does not crash into a spoke.
The Good: ‘aa’ is fast, fun and very addictive.
The Bad: The game doesn’t vary much. Sometimes the wheel will spin clockwise, sometimes counter clockwise. That’s basically it.
The Ugly: multiple times, I was very patient, waiting for the wheel to spin and shoot into a gap…..when suddenly, the program thinks that  there’s been a collision. This has happened maybe 10 times to me so far.
The miscellaneous: I was stuck on level 26 for at least an hour.  Now I’m stuck on level 49 and I don’t think I’ll get past it.  Would you believe that there are 525 ‘entirely unique’ levels? Once you’ve done 48 levels, that’s enough.  If you want to play a genuine variation, look for their other apps: ff, au, rr and uu.

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Buttons & Scissors: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1       iPhone Screenshot 2

A friend recently told me about Buttons & Scissors – another fine puzzle app game.
The object is to swipe groups of buttons – of the same color – and cut them off until there are no more buttons on the screen.
This concept is  not exactly new. But strangely, I can’t name another puzzle app that’s exactly the same. BoxOff is similar and definitely more sophisticated.

iPhone Screenshot 3      iPhone Screenshot 4

The 5×5 levels of Buttons & Scissors were helpful for me to start on because I figured out what not to do. The 6×6′s are not much harder.  The 7×7′s are pretty tough. Fortunately, there’s a good undo button that allows you to undo as many times as you want. ‘More than 1000 levels!’ I actually think that’s a bad thing. Better to give us anywhere between 50 & 150 levels.
I have to admit, I really love the graphics. If you know the solution, you can get or 6 pairs of scissors moving across the board at the same time. But you have to be fast.
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Frown Icons: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2      iPhone Screenshot 4

Loyal Blog Follower Joel, from Germany is a fan of Frown Icons. He’s done 30 of the 130 levels. I must confess that I’m not a big fan of these types of puzzles.
Similar Games
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Duck Roll by Mamau Free

iPhone Screenshot 1

Puzzle App Friends: sorry this is my only post this week.  Just been very busy.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Duck Roll is a sokoban game.  The object is to get Your Duck to the black hole.

iPhone Screenshot 3

There are many innovations:
1. The red block is a 2×1.
2. The little red squares are mines that must be exploded.
3. Most of the levels have an upstairs & downstairs. Elevators.
4. Portals
5. Fire pit of death
6. Look at the 4th image: the two blue squares have to be destroyed to open the big blue one.
7. Want to solve everything using the fewest number of moves? The option is available.
8. There’s more, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself.

iPhone Screenshot 4

Here’s what I don’t like:
1. The graphics are sometimes not clear, at least to me, especially when there are multiple levels.
2. The ads are annoying. I paid $ 1.99 to remove them. Best 2 bucks spent.

iPhone Screenshot 5

There are 128 levels and I’ve solved about 115.  Many are very tricky and require an ‘aha’ element.

The not-so-famous PAGY Awards are coming up.  This one has strong potential.

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