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Cube Escape: Arles – free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Not too long ago I played Cube Escape: Seasons. Pretty terrific. The same folks made a much shorter game called Cube Escape: The Lake.  And now, there’s Cube Escape: Arles. It’s also pretty short, I solved it in about 1 hour.
Look at the image above: do you really need me to tell you what it’s all about?
I liked Cube Escape: Arles – it’s easy enough and has one very interesting operation that I won’t describe.
These guys at the Cube Escape franchise have got a good thing going and I’m going to play anything that they release.

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Rubik’s Cube turns 40

Early 1981: after playing with the cube on/off for a few weeks, I woke up on a Sunday morning and said to myself: TODAY IS THE DAY THAT I WILL SOLVE THIS. 9 hours later, it was DONE! (Halfway through my grandmother came over and she wanted to try it. Within seconds, she ruined whatever progress I had.) I got the corners by partial luck and then figured out the edges. I didn’t fully understand my algorithms. The next day it took me only 4 hours. The day after – 2 hours. Eventually I came up with an algorithm for the corners. I know that my method is slow – my fastest time is about 2 minutes. I’m resistant to learn the faster methods because I didn’t figure them out myself. Erno Rubik is a great man.

Mr. Erno Rubik could be the most influential person of the 20th century.
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Save Planet Cube by Marcelo Pars FREE

 Last year I reviewed Marcelo Pars’ game Cube Loop. His new game Save Planet Cube is not just another version with different puzzles.  Oh no.  The new game is so much more.

There are 38 levels and each one is entirely different. Something bizarre happens on almost every level. I won’t spoil it.

 But I must say that I particularly liked level 20 (see the 6th image) where the perspective is from inside the cube.

Furthermore, there is a science fiction story being told, bit by bit, after each level.

Marcelo – you hit a home run! Excellent programming & graphics.

Announcement: It’s Rusty Lake’s birthday today. They are offering discounts up to 50%
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

New World Record for solving Rubiks Cube
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Zobrist Cube and Caviar

Al Zobrist, creator of the Zobrist Cube puzzle set, has another kickstarter project underway. Essentially, Al wants to raise money so he can send 100 copies of his puzzle to 100 different schools. You’ll be spreading the joy of puzzling to middle schoolers.  At the very least, watch the video:

iPhone Screenshot 1

The folks who run Caviar were passing out free meals at Bryant Park the other day. I particularly like getting free meals, especially when I’m about to purchase one.

As a small token of gratitude, I’m spreading the word for them!
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Cube Escape: The Lake

iPhone Screenshot 1

I’m not a big fan of Escape the Room – type puzzle apps. But I recently played Cube Escape: Seasons and was very impressed with the story: you’re in one room at 4 different times. Part of the solution is to go back and forth through time.

Cube Escape: The Lake is similar but a lot shorter. You’re in a cabin with 1 open window for fishing. The game took me about 1 hour to play, which I really appreciated.

Did I mention that Cube Escape: The Lake is free? You have no excuse for being bored.

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Very Bad Cube: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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The object of Very Bad Cube is to slide colored cubies left/right and never up/down  until same-colored cubes stick together. The puzzles themselves are terrific: fun, challenging and usually provide an ‘Aha’ moment. We’ve seen this concept before with Jelly Blocks and Denki Blocks. Both of those are outstanding.

Some fans of this blog have noticed that I focus on the positive too much. So now for the negative about this puzzle app. Many of the puzzle levels in Very Bad Cube are IDENTICAL to the levels in Jelly Box Puzzle Lite. It might be that all of the levels are identical to the premium version of Jelly Box.

Jelly Box Puzzle Lite came out October 1, 2014 while Very Bad Cube came out September 13, 2014.

The author of Very Bad Cube contacted me and asked me to do a review. I later contacted him and asked him about the plagiarism/theft. Who stole from whom? Or did they both steal from somebody else? No response.  I also contacted the author of Jelly Box – also no response.

What is the ethical thing to do if you want to play these? My opinion: download Very Bad Cube and turn off the wifi so you won’t get the annoying ads.

Tomorrow I’ll post something negative about another puzzle app. I’m on a roll.
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Cube Escape: Seasons – free puzzle game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1
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Loyal Blog follower William H. recently contacted me about this Escape the Room puzzle: Cube Escape: Seasons.
I’ve never been a big fan of this genre. Too often there’s a clue/object that’s tucked in a corner or under a table and I don’t want to tap every square inch of every slide to find it.

This particular game is quite good.  In fact, it’s kind of creepy. There is a walkthrough. I confess that I needed it to find one of the picture pieces. In my opinion, it was unfairly hidden. Nevertheless, this is one very cool game.

My favorite clue/puzzle piece was the wire hanger because it’s particularly harder for younger puzzlers.

Here are the reviews from two other people on the App Store:

Undoubtedly the best escape game I’ve ever played (and I’ve played a lot of escape games)!! I cannot get over just how beautifully designed this series is! I’ve never even written a review until this game, it is that good! If I was you I would get both in the series then give yourself adequate time (I don’t remember how long it took to play them I found them in the middle of the night started playing instantly lost track of time and didn’t stop playing until I was done) get comfy start playing and enjoy!!! Oh and they’ve also got a creepy side which you really don’t expect at first uhh they are so good I won’t say any more!! Have fun!!!

Again, one of the best horror/escape games I’ve played! I played the previous one “Cube Escape: The Lake”, and I thought that one was fantastic! But this one is even better and even more creepy! It is so suspenseful because you never know what’s lurking in the room when you click on objects! And has a physiological, horror aspect to it that is so unique compared to other escape games out there. And be warned, there are a lot of jump scares and sudden, loud music! But that just adds to the fun and beauty of it! Its beautiful and disturbing, with challenges, and constant scare!
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Cube Escape: Case 23

iPhone Screenshot 1

The Good People of Rusty Lake keep producing interesting, creepy Room Escape Puzzle Apps.

iPhone Screenshot 2

They have 9 games as apps and I’ve played 6 of them now.

iPhone Screenshot 3

Cube Escape: Case 23 is a 4 part mystery – who killed the girl?

iPhone Screenshot 4

Most of the puzzles are at the medium level.  The hardest puzzle was Lifting the Books, which I really liked. There are multiple solutions to that.

iPhone Screenshot 5

The 4th part of the game was a timed piece. It took me about 6 times to figure it out.
In the end, I felt like the mystery still left me hanging. There’s really no plot. Like all the other games in this series, there’s a crazy psychopath ‘out there’ with very serious hallucinations in his head.

Oh yes, let’s not forget that there’s always a youtube walkthrough in case you get stuck.  I confess that I consulted it once.

I’ve got 3 more of these games to play. Saving them for a rainy day.
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Zobrist Cube: mechanical puzzle of the month

Photo original

A story: almost 20 years ago I bought a Burr Set of puzzles from Interlocking Puzzles.  The set consisted of 30 to 40 pieces and made 314 6-piece different burr puzzles. It cost $ 150. I was hesitant because I didn’t really understand what a burr puzzle was.  When I got it, I worked my way through all 314 puzzles.  Took about a month.

Zobrist Cube Code Classic II Cube

The Zobrist Cube comes from Al Zobrist. I saw an advertisement for it in Discover Magazine.

Al Zobrist is the brain behind this monster set. At first glance, the Zobrist Cube looks like an ordinary Soma Cube: assemble the pieces to form a 3×3 cube.  However, The Zobrist Cube should be renamed as The Zobrist Cube Set because it comes with 33 pieces – most are unique, some are duplicates.

Each pieces has an embossed letter on it.  The Zobrist Cube Set comes with a manual that describes over 20 THOUSAND  cube combinations.  Fortunately, these are grouped into easy & hard levels.

At the top of the hard levels is a great quote from Stewart Coffin who describes these harder puzzles as ’30-minute’ puzzles.

Having done a bunch of Soma Cube variations over the years, I instantly headed to the hard ones.  The first one I did in 10 minutes.  The next one – I gave up after 30 minutes.  I skipped to somewhere in the middle and solved the next 3 in about 5 minutes each. I may have been lucky.

Al has turned this puzzle set into a game: 2 people square off, and select 2 random puzzles (with different pieces of course) and see who solves their first.

Zobrist Cube Classic I and II Cubes

Somebody, somewhere in this great land, is going to take the time to solve them all. It won’t be me.

$ 35: perfect gift for a kid, adult, a graduation present and for yourself.

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