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Tomb of the Brain by Miroslaw Zielinski $.99

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 1

Tomb of the Brain comes from Miroslaw Zielinski.  It’s one of those topology puzzle app games.  The objective is to pass Your Man over every square once.  If a square has two dots on it, then it must be traversed twice.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

Each puzzle has a distinct start and endpoint.
Arrows force the direction of Your Man.
Wormholes must be used.  I found one level without using the wormholes and was perplexed as to why I didn’t solve the level.
There are 90 levels and I have no idea how many I did. The menu does not allow me to go back to any previous level or even determine what level I’m on.

The title Tomb of the Brain  I’m not sure what that means.  Maybe it implies that you need to dig deep into your brain to solve these.
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COLOR LINK! -brain teaser- by Yuji Kurita FREE

COLOR LINK! -brain teaser comes from Yuji Kurita. It’s a ‘stick ‘em’ puzzle. The object is to slide the squares around until everything clumps together.

However, there is a move-count limit for each level.

What’s Particularly Good
On some levels, the blocks come in 2 colors, but must still be merged into one group. Tap on a block once and it changes color. This counts as a move. This is a new feature in ‘Stick ‘em’ puzzles.

These are seriously good puzzles.

There are 45 levels, which is perfect! There is an option for users to make their own levels. At the moment, I’m on level 20.

Other Very Good Puzzles that have a sticky element (not quite the same though):
Denki Blocks I believe this was the original puzzle app that introduced this concept.
Tile’M All This version is crazy hard.
Jelly Slide
Blockoban - a must have
Impossibru’s Blockoban

Move on Green
Blocky XMAS   from the prolific Bart Bonte
Push Blox from Andrew Duff
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FERMAT – Challenge your limits of memory! Brain training game app

iPhone Screenshot 2

FERMAT – Challenge your limits of memory! Brain training game app‘ is the full title of this memory boosting game. 

The objective is simple: memorize where all the number are.  Then, when you’re ready, the tiles are all turned over and you must identify where they are.

I’m on level 10 which has 14 numbers in a 4×4 grid.
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Bend It: Flex Your Brain – Mechanical Puzzle $10

Recently I opened up Bend It: Flex Your Brain – another puzzle from the folks at Smart Games.

The objective is to place all the pieces into the grid to match the 60 black & white challenges.

Most interesting: all the pieces bend in some way.

Even more interesting: the construction of the pieces is outstanding.

I solved about 20 levels.  These puzzles get very challenging. Probably too hard for kids under 12.

From A Reviewer on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 starsChallenging for even the adult in your house!

By Richard and Liz on May 25, 2014

The secret to solving the puzzles is to find where only one certain piece can go. This can change for each puzzle but for example in Puzzle 23 there is a place where there is a lone white dot encircled by all blacks. Only one of the six pieces can be used there. There may still be a couple ways to put in that piece but you can use elimination once you know the piece you are working with.

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Six Logic: Use Your Brain!

Puzzle screen on iPad, portrait mode

Loyal Blog Follower David Cole steered me to Six Logic: Use Your Brain! It’s a pictorial logic puzzle. The object is to sort through the Row Hints and the Column Hints to determine which figure is in which cell.

Puzzle screen on iPad, landscape mode

There are 3 levels of difficulty.  The easy ones are good to start with to understand how the hints are written.  I’ve done a dozen of the ‘normal’ puzzles and they took between 9 minutes and 45 minutes. The 45 minute game may have been shorter because - after making a mistake, a time penalty is added.

I think puzzles are generated randomly.  Also, at the end of one game, I noticed that there were 2 possibilities for the final 2 cells. But there should be a unique solution for each puzzle. That’s okay.!/id344058289?l=es&ls=1&mt=8 In Spanish!/id344058289?mt=8 In English

Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
Six Logic: Use Your Brain! was originally published in December 2009. It’s been updated a bunch of times, most recently in September 2014.

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Nixie – Challenge Your Brain: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2

Nixie – Challenge Your Brain comes from Andrew Zaharek and Joshua Levesque.  It’s a free puzzle app game that took me extra time to understand.  It’s very similar to Akari, which is also known as Lighthouse.  I exchanged a few emails with Andrew & learned that he never knew about Akari. Weird: I solved all of the beginner levels, but didn’t really understand what I was doing!

iPhone Screenshot 3

You must place a circle that will light up the row and column and eventually get the whole board lit up.  Here are the key differences from Akari: a cluster of 3′s means that there will be 3 circles in total that will touch them. Also, those circles can be placed diagonally to a number.  One more rule difference: no circle can be placed in a field of nothingness. A circle must be next to a number.

There are about 130 levels.  I’ve solved all but 10. Right now I’m stuck on the hardest category #2. It’s a massive grid where one must use a certain amount of guess & check.

Something annoying: Nixie is free but there are video ads.  They pop up every 3 or 4 levels. Even more annoying, they can pop up when you want to clear the board by clicking refresh. Andrew informed me that they are going to make them less frequent. There’s also a time element to them.

Without a doubt, Nixie is the best game of the week and will certainly make the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014. It’s a pure puzzle.
Great job Andrew!

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Pluszle: Brain Logic Game by Huckleberry BV FREE

Do you remember the game Qwhizzle? I loved it! Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Hopefully, if you’re a Loyal Blog Follower, you downloaded it.

Recently Eljo Bosman contacted me about his team’s new game: Pluszle: Brain Logic. It’s another math puzzle.

The object is to highlight numbers in the grid so that the selected numbers add up to the numbers on the right and the ones down below.

What I particularly like is that each level can be solved in 6 degrees of difficulty. 
(This concept is not new. Tower Locked comes to mind.)

Pluszle has an excellent feature which makes this more manageable & fun: one button adds up only the numbers already selected.  Another button adds up all the numbers which makes it easier to see which numbers must be eliminated.

At the hardest setting, I need about 10-15 minutes.  At level 5, I’m gotten my time down to 3-4 minutes.

At the moment, I’ve done about 35 levels.

Whereas Qwhizzle had me very hyped, Pluszle has a more calm feel to it. Definitely a fun math puzzle.


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‘Parks – Seasons Free Brain Teasers’ puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1

‘Parks – Seasons Free Brain Teasers’ comes from Andrea Sabbatini. Andrea produced ’84 Logic Games’. I reviewed that ages ago when it was called ’63 Logic Games’.

The object in Parks is to place 2 trees in each colored region. Trees cannot touch – not even diagonally.  Also, 2 trees must be placed in each row and column.

For the smaller grids, like the one pictured above, you must place 1 tree in each column, row & region.

About a year and a half ago I reviewed Twin Beams, which is basically the same concept.  Click here to read that.
Parks Season is a fine set of puzzles, but I must confess that Twin Beams is more polished.  On the plus side, Parks Seasons has the very easy puzzles for novice puzzlers.

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iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3

Boaz Ouriel from ZigZapps recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Petals: A Brain Teasing Puzzle.  Petals is a ‘slide all the tiles together’ type puzzle. The object is to get the flowers to their matching squares.

iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 3

We’ve seen this type of puzzle app numerous times. However, Petals has some interesting new features. See the purple circle with the white curved arrow? A petal will rotate 90 degrees. Then the widget will disappear. Another widget makes the petal flip over to its mirror image.

The first 96 levels are free. I’ve solved them all. Although I had to use a few hints.
Within that, there’s a good mixture of easy, medium & hard levels. And you can skip around – a feature I appreciate since I could not solve Daisy #11 – even though it’s classified as medium. I confess, I used a hint for that one.

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‘Brain Rush – Two Way’ free ‘test your reflexes’ game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1       iPhone Screenshot 2
‘Brain Rush – Two Way’ is a  free ‘test your reflexes’ game.  It’s one of many clones of another game. I have no idea what the original game was. Squares & Circles will come down the lines. Make sure that your home square & circle are aligned properly to catch the correct shapes.

In the ‘One Brain’ mode, the shapes come down staggered. In the ‘Two Brain’ mode, the shapes come down at the same time. Trickier.  You can play the Two Brain mode by yourself, or invite a friend.

We should all be playing these types of games to ward off Alzheimer’s.
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