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Blocky XMAS by Bart Buie Free!

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Bart Buie recently contacted me about his newest puzzle app: Blocky XMAS. It combines the famous sokoban element with a sticky ingredient.  The objective is to transfer the green square and rectangles to the destination to make a perfectly shaped Christmas tree.
iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4
You control the green square with the star. It will stick to the other green bars.  You will have to pry it off multiple times for each level.

There are 40 levels. Perfect number.  What’s the best thing about Blocky XMAS: the puzzles are designed
extremely well.


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Other Very Good Puzzles that have a sticky element (not quite the same though):

Denki Blocks I believe this was the original puzzle app that introduced this concept.
Tile’M All This version is crazy hard.
Jelly Slide
Blockoban - a must have
Impossibru’s Blockoban

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Boo! (factory balls halloween) by Bart Bonte FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1

Loyal Blog Followers know how much I liked Bart Bonte’s Factory Balls.   Boo! is Bart’s latest and it’s a stencil puzzle, just like Factory Balls.

iPhone Screenshot 2

There are only 16 levels. They get pretty hard. But, I’ve done them all. 

Get in the spirit of the holiday and play this.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

What’s inside the box? By Bart Bonte

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Do you remember Factory Balls, the stencil puzzle app game?  It’s simply great! Bart Bonte made it, so he’s got solid track record.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

What’s inside the box? is nothing like Factory Balls. There are 100 puzzles that have to be solved. Very similar to 100 Floors from about 4 or 5 years ago.


Not all of the puzzles are totally different.  A few are like Lights Out.  At least 5 puzzles involve dual level sliding tiles. There are some rolling ball dexterity puzzles.

There are 100 levels and each one has 2 hints available, as long as you pay the price of watching 2 ads.  They go pretty fast.  At the moment, I’m stuck on level 84.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles