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Swipe the Arrows: free arcade game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1   iPhone Screenshot 2

There isn’t much to say since the first 2 images describe everything. Swipe the Arrows is fun enough for maybe 10 minutes. Challenge your buddy. Or play the game to ward off Alzheimer’s.
There was another game that I played & reviewed that was very similar.

iPhone Screenshot 3

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Cubical: free arcade puzzle game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2

The object in Cubical it to score points by tapping all the squares of the same color before time runs out. The squares keep changing colors so it’s a bit frantic. Definitely good for kids, but all adults should engage in these types of games now and then. At least to ward off Alzheimer’s.
The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles

Fireman Arcade Puzzle: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Fireman Arcade Puzzle
Fireman Arcade Puzzle is a sokoban type puzzle. The object is to get the firemen who aren’t wearing sunglasses onto the stars. They can push other firemen out of the way.
What’s different? They can push more than 1 fireman at a time.
There are 24 levels and I’ve done them all. I must confess, a few of them were tricky.
Sorry, I couldn’t find the iTunes link. I got the one image from the nook app store. The image at the bottom was my reward for solving them all.
One thing that’s very annoying is the same ad that pops up 3 times after each level. I’ve already deleted this game.

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Pop The Cube: free arcade game for ipad, iphone

iPhone Screenshot 1                          iPhone Screenshot 5

Dror Zalman recently contacted me about his game Pop The Cube. The objective is to score points and solve each level by firing colored blocks, from the gray squares at the bottom, at the colored squares that travel horizontally across the screen. If your block missile can hit the target at the same spot as one of the fixed colored squares on the board, Pop!  Once they are all popped, you can move on to the next level.

I did the first 3 levels. There is some potential for this type of game. It’s a bit slow. The graphics are old school. Strictly for kids.

The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles