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Scribologic: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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From the iTunes store: ‘Scribologic is an addictive path-finding puzzle app in which you get a graph paper sheet, partly filled in with pen. Your goal is to scribble in all of the remaining blank squares of paper in a single, continuous line. The path must go through all available ink drops and end on the last one. There is no backtracking, so you must plan your route carefully! As a bonus food for thought, after each level of the app you will reveal an inspiring and witty quote of a famous person.’

Here’s the deal: you are the mushroom and must draw 1 continuous path that will cover every square. The last square must land on a water drop. I downloaded the Lite version & solved all 10 levels. They’re good! However, I’m in the middle of a similar game: Number Painting, which is more epic/insane with 500 levels. This is the Lite version.

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