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Queue Ball – Free Minimalist Puzzle Challenge by Digitype Agency Free

  Queue Ball- screenshot thumbnail        Queue Ball- screenshot

Queue Ball – Free Minimalist Puzzle Challenge is the name of game. Do you remember Sequence Nine from a few months ago?  The two games are extremely similar, just different graphics.

   Queue Ball- screenshot       Queue Ball- screenshot

The object is to get the ball – Your Man – to pick up the stars.  Look at the last image.  See the 4 empty squares on top? Those are the 4 steps for that problem and they will repeat over and over until the objective is met, or Your Man falls off the grid. You must choose which direction each step should be. The third image shows an example of the steps.

   Queue Ball- screenshot    

I don’t know how many levels there are, but I’m stuck on level 25 or 26.  Good game.

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