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PuzzleNum by Lingyu Zhong FREE

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PuzzleNum  comes from Lingyu Zhong. It’s a math maze game. All the instructions are in Chinese, but it’s easy to figure out.

The blue dot is Your Man. The goal is to get Your Man to the star.  Passing over a red square subtracts that number and Your Man must be at least 1 to get to the goal.

Not shown in the images:
White Squares with a red boarder: passing over this square will reduce all the other red squares by that number.

Orange Squares: these are =, <, or >  with a specific number.

There are 60 regular levels and at the moment I’ve done about 40 of them.  There are 20 (I think) advanced levels and I’ve done just 2 of them. 

These puzzles are designed with great ‘aha’ moments.  This game is a little gem.
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