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Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+) – puzzle app game for all devices.

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Loyal Blog Follower William Hu told me about Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+)

iPhone Screenshot 3

This is unquestionably, one of the hardest maze games around. Most maze solvers know the essential hint: work backwards.  Impossible here.

iPhone Screenshot 5

Your goal is to pick up the key to exit.
When your man is on the green field, he can only transfer to another field via a portal. However, the fields can change colors.

I did not get far in this game. Probably because I’m trying to play test other worthy games to keep blogging 5x/week. 

Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+) demands your full attention for a solid week or more. If you have played this game, share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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