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Pordlla: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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I saw the image of the fairy and wondered: is this a puzzle app game? Yes puzzlers, Pordlla is a genuine puzzle. Look at the second image. The object is to slide the rows back and forth until you think that things are lined up properly.  When you’ve set it up, you click on the red button at the bottom and all the tiles will fall straight down.  If there is a group of 3 or more tiles – of the same color – touching, they will disappear.  The object is to clear the entire board – all at once.
There are 100 levels. I’ve done about 60 of them. (Stuck on 41). The first 25 are fast and easy. Then they get harder. The last 20 – hard!
I have no idea why Yuichiro Hoshi has chosen to use a fairy or angel. What’s with the title?
What I particularly like about this game is that Yuichiro has taken an old concept and added a nice variation.
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