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Percepto: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Recently I discovered Percepto which came out 2 or 3 years ago. Percepto is very difficult to describe. Here goes: your task is to get your man to the exit (the white door). You can perceive the blocks from 4 directions as you rotate the room.  Tap to shrink the room to a 2-D space and if the blocks line up, your man can travel to another block. You will have to go back to a 3D perspective, check all 4 different views, and shrink it back to 2D again. Essentially, Percepto is a very sophisticated series of mazes. Major kudos to Daniel Hooper for this excellent puzzle game design.

The staircases are self explanatory. The red buttons turn on and off blocks that will travel up, down & diagonally.

I’m guessing that Daniel Hooper must have seen another puzzle app game called Monospace. See my review from about 4 years ago. In Monospace the room can be rotated from all 6 perspectives. It is a masterpiece. I’ve solved 59 out of the 60 levels. (Grrrr)

Back to Perspecto: right now I’ve completed 38 level and I’m stuck on #39. Altogether there are about 40 levels; Daniel’s not sure. I really like Perspecto!
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