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Color Merge by ImpactBlue Studios FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Color Merge comes from ImpactBlue Studios. The object is to merge all the colors so the entire board ends up being 1 color which is specified at the top of the screen.

Look at the first image. Near the top you’ll see a small green dot in between the blue & yellow circles.  That means, first, that the circles can merge and second, that they will merge into green.

Seems kind of obvious except that red & yellow can never merge. It took me a while to figure the pattern out.  At the top are the 5 circles. A color cannot merge with its neighbors. But when it merges with the other 2 colors, the result will be the color in between.

For example: purple cannot merge with blue or red. When it merges with yellow, the result will be red. Not very intuitive. When purple merges with green, it will become blue.

Color Merge is a serious puzzle concept.  At the moment I’ve solved 18 levels. I’ll do more, but definitely not more than 50.
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COLOR LINK! -brain teaser- by Yuji Kurita FREE

COLOR LINK! -brain teaser comes from Yuji Kurita. It’s a ‘stick ‘em’ puzzle. The object is to slide the squares around until everything clumps together.

However, there is a move-count limit for each level.

What’s Particularly Good
On some levels, the blocks come in 2 colors, but must still be merged into one group. Tap on a block once and it changes color. This counts as a move. This is a new feature in ‘Stick ‘em’ puzzles.

These are seriously good puzzles.

There are 45 levels, which is perfect! There is an option for users to make their own levels. At the moment, I’m on level 20.

Other Very Good Puzzles that have a sticky element (not quite the same though):
Denki Blocks I believe this was the original puzzle app that introduced this concept.
Tile’M All This version is crazy hard.
Jelly Slide
Blockoban - a must have
Impossibru’s Blockoban

Move on Green
Blocky XMAS   from the prolific Bart Bonte
Push Blox from Andrew Duff
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iPhone Screenshot 1

Loyal Blog Follower William Hu sent me this info about RYB.

‘The pure puzzler must be one of my favorite games of all time now. I found it today and couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it completely, it’s utterly genius. It’s called ‘RYB’. The mechanics… well, that’s up to you to figure out :)
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4
iPhone Screenshot 5

I had to contact the developer Paul Hlebowitsh, because I couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on.  A little hint steered me in the right direction.

This is one of those many many puzzle games that are clever, but will not gain large popularity.
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Quetzalcoatl: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2      iPhone Screenshot 4

Quetzalcoatl is a new snake slider puzzle that’s very similar to Snake Slider, Wriggle, TRUpuzzlE, and Choo Choo Puzzle.  Those are all great. And so is Quetzalcoatl.  The object is to slide the snakes so that the colored circles match the colored squares. (Quetzalcoatl is named after the Feathered Serpent, the most important god in the Aztec mythology.)

iPhone Screenshot 5 iPhone Screenshot 1

There are 180 levels and I’ve spent a lot of time on these. Probably 5 or 6 hours to solve about 145 levels. They can be very challenging. $ 1.99 is the price and that comes to about 25 cents per hour.

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vovu by Ugur Kubat

vovu comes from Ugur Kubat. The object is to tap on the big red circles to make little red circles rotate in order to free up the green circles. Where things get complicated is when there are multiple big red circles. Unquestionably, the overall design is very artistic.

It’s a very calm game. Similar to Hook from 2015.

There are 70 levels and I’ve done 53. There are ads, but they are minimally annoying.
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Domino Drop: point scoring puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Click to zoom  iPhone Screenshot 2

David Cole, Loyal Blog Follower, told me about Domino Drop, a point scoring puzzle game.

Since the early 80′s I’ve never like Tetris and Domino Drop reminds me of it. However, it’s very different. The objective is to match 2 or more tiles to score points. Of course, those tiles disappear.
Scoring System: if you get 2 tiles of any number, you’ll score 100 points for each tile. But it gets more interesting.
Pay attention here: if you get  a chain reaction, the points will accumulate exponentially.
Look at the second to last image. That came from a game I was playing. I moved the 4/5 to the third column.
The 4′s gave me 200 points (100 each). Ho hum.
The subsequent 5′s gave me 1000 points (500 each). Hmmm.
When the 5′s disappeared, it freed the 6.
The 6′s gave me 2000 points (1000 each). Oh Yeah.
When the bottom 6 disappeared, it freed the 2.
The 2′s gave me 4000 points (2000 each). Now we’re talking.
That freed up the 4 in the 3rd column.
The 4′s then yielded 8000 points (4000 each). Wow.
[Also, the 3's merged for another 4000 points (2000 each). This happened at the same time as the 2's merging, so the scoring stayed consistent.]
Total: 19,200 points for one move. Examine the last photo to see the final result of that one move.
My high score is 133,800 which places me at 709 out of 18,000 players.
As with most point scoring puzzle app games, there is an element of luck. Watch the demo video.

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Put Number

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Sword & Penguin

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2

 Louis-Nicolas Dozois recently contacted me about his action puzzle app game Sword & Penguin.
As a puzzle game, you must move blocks around a la sokoban. Some blocks must be pushed onto blue buttons to maneuver the blue walls downward. Same for the red & green buttons/walls.

Other puzzles: you will need to push ice blocks onto the squares that have fire.  I should mention: the object is to first collect the key, then collect the egg. Other obstacles: the electric grid which must be turned off.  Some electric fields toggle on/off every second or so. So you must time your penguin accordingly.

Other features: some squares have cracks. You can traverse over them once, after that, you will fall to your death. Igloos: be careful bumping into them because polar bears will emerge very quickly.

The action part is the polar bear who roams around. You must avoid him. He walks randomly. Sometimes he throws snowballs at you across the grid.
Level 2-10 has a very Pac-Man feel to it. Since I was never good at that game, I skipped that level.
Once you get to level 33, which is Chapter 3, level 1, you will want to get finally pick up the sword in order to kill off the bears.

There’s a lot to like about Sword & Penguin. Puzzle-wise, they’re not very difficult. But the action element adds to the fun. There are 160 levels.

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Mergect: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone スクリーンショット 1  iPhone スクリーンショット 2

Takafumi Yamamoto has created an interesting puzzle app game called Mergect. I’m assuming the word is a combination of merge and intersect.

Look at the first image. The blue and red squares are dancing around the grid. You must tap some of the white squares to make them black so that hopefully the red & blue squares will merge/intersect in the purple square at the same time.

See the white squares with X’s? Those squares cannot be turned black because they are next to a red or blue square. When they pass along further along, the X will disappear.

Look at the second image. You’ll notice that the red & yellow squares cannot get to the orange square. You will have to turn the black squares back into white squares.

iPhone スクリーンショット 3                  iPhone スクリーンショット 4                     iPhone スクリーンショット 5

Look at the third image.  See the white squares with 4 dots? They can never be turned black. The fourth image shows 2 objectives.  The fifth image shows a square with a diagonal. The two colored squares must not merge into that cell.

Bottom Line: I was expecting to dislike Mergect. But I kept playing it. There are 50 levels and I’ve solved the first 48. I’ve given up on the last two. Way too hard. In fact, I’m even surprised that I solved some of the other levels!
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Read this article from the NY Times about Speed Cubing:

Loyal Blog Follower Robert Dancer has been on the lookout for puzzles that are getting major updates.
Hexologic has 2 new sets of puzzles.
Unpuzzle also has new features.  When I upgraded this, it wiped out my previous progress. Grrrrrr.

Oskar van Deventer has a hand in this puzzling Kickstarter thing:
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Colorzam by Pedro Navarro FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Colorzam comes from Pedro Navarro. It’s a point scoring puzzle app game. Your task is to place the pieces at the bottom onto the grid to form groups.  Look at the first image.  See the red 3 on top? When you’ve gotten 3 reds, they disappear. The next goal for red will be 4, then 5.  When 5 reds are grouped, all of the other reds on the board come off.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

As your score increases, ‘boosters’ become available to get you out of a jam.

Colorzam has great graphics. Love the concept too. However, this game just never ends.  It’s too easy.  I had to intentionally lose. I tried to end my game at 50,000, but I went over just a bit.  That places me 1st on the Leader Board out of just 12 others.  A few months ago I reviewed another point scoring game that was similarly too easy to lose called 5+ (five plus) and it has maybe 30,000 people playing it.  So obviously games of equal skill/value/fun are not marketed in the same way.

If Colorzam used 1 extra color, it might be perfect. Alternatively, instead of all the tiles of a color disappearing when a group of 5 is formed, 6 would be more challenging.

Announcement: Open Bar – Keep ‘em Coming! is temporarily free. 

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