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Mind Mould – Block Puzzle Game by LAI Global Game Services Free

iPhone Screenshot 1
Karin Skoog recently contacted me about her team’s new puzzle app game Mind Mould – Block Puzzle Game.
The object it to fill the given space (looks like a tangram) with the random shaped tiles at the bottom middle.
iPhone Screenshot 5
Made a mistake? The rocket targets the specific piece that you want out of the grid. The bomb will take out a big chunk.

Technically, this is a ‘packing puzzle’. I’ve never been a huge fan.of these.

The icon that represents the game is Anime of a woman with cleavage. This has nothing to do with the game.
Mind Mould block puzzle game

There are 80 levels and I’ve done about 25 of them.

iTunes link:
Story trailer:
Gameplay trailer:

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