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Merge Number Free – puzzle app game

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Ya Zhou Wang has a history of copying other puzzle apps, Illusion Maze being one of them.

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Merge Number Free looks a lot like Merged! which I really like, but it’s not. It’s more like Twelve – Hardest Puzzle. The object is to combine numbers (two 5′s make a single 6) and score points.  Twelve – Hardest Puzzle – shuffles the numbers after 24 moves and adds a number after every turn.  In this game, new numbers are added every 20 seconds or so.  This turns the other game into a speed contest.

I’ve played this game in the Easy & Hard modes.  My high tile in the Easy mode was 17.  In the Hard mode, I got 16.

This is a decent game. However, it really needs to be polished. Lots of rough edges. I’m guessing there was very little play-testing.
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