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Kindly Colors: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Yan Fauriat contacted me recently about his point scoring puzzle app game Kindly Colors.
The object is to group adjacent colors by themselves or in pairs of colors to get points.

Look at the second image How to Play: you may group purple with red or purple with blue, but never all three at the same time.

iPhone Screenshot 2

See green plus in the third image? If you can group that with some green/blue or green/yellow, then it will eat up all the cells in the column and row.  Now, do you see the red vertical line just under it? Getting that will only eat up the column.

This took me a while to get: if you swipe the longest possible chain on the board, one of the new tiles will be a plus sign. 

My top score is 3900 which puts me in the top 20% of players on the Game Center. When your game ends, you can buy more moves. Which means that you can buy your way to the top.

Still, I like Kindly Colors and will play it some more.
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