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follow.trail by Grzegorz Pykacz $.99


Merry Christmas Puzzlers!

follow.trail comes from Grzegorz Pykacz, originally from Poland, but now in Canada. The object is to get Your Man, the blue square, to pass over all the white squares and finally land on the checker board square. Essentially, it’s a maze game.


Interesting Features that we’ve seen before:
1. The white squares must be traversed based on how many dots appear.
2. The swirls are wormholes.

New, Original Features in a Maze:
3. At times, Your Man, must cross onto the red grid. When this happens, new black squares emerge.
4. Your Man, must land on the Sun. This will reverse the white & black squares. Since the Sun can only be landed on once, eliminate all the white squares first.
5. Your man can drift off the grid to the right, and will land on the extreme left edge. Same for the top/bottom edges.

I’m wondering:
6. Are there levels with multiple Suns?
7. Multiple wormholes?
follow.trail is not available for android devices.  (I’ve heard from some puzzle appsters that they make more money per iphone user than per android user.)

According to the Leaderboard, ‘znonymous’ is #1 and has solved 1,111 levels.  That’s incredible, because I’m finding that there’s a lot of trial and error and each level can take 15 minutes. I’ve only solved 34 levels.

There are 358 players on the Leaderboard.  This game is definitely worthy of your time.

The annual PAGY Awards are fast approaching. Each year, I nominate the best Puzzle App Games of the Year on December 30.  The winners will be named December 31.

Note: the PAGY Awards are very subjective. (Just like the Oscars, the Grammys and the Pulitzers.) The purpose is to draw more people to the joy of puzzles.  To be sure, I have play tested every single game thoroughly. A constant regret of mine: overlooking a puzzle. If I’ve missed a worthy game, send me a note, and I’ll include it for 2018.
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