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Eraser. Dotless Puzzle by Ruslan Goncharenko FREE

Eraser. Dotless Puzzle comes from the prolific Ruslan Goncharenko. I can’t keep up with all his puzzle apps. The object is to get your snails and birds to scoop up the dots within a certain number of moves.

Snails move 1 square at a time.
Birds fly until they hit an object, or fly off the board.
Some puzzles, not all, have a switch button. See images 3 & 4.  When that is pushed, all the animals switch to the other.  Pushing the button counts as a move and can be pushed multiple times.

The grid sizes go from 4×4 to 8×8 with 1000 levels in each.  That’s right, 5000 levels!

I’ve done about 10 levels.

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