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DangoStack by daoxiang lin FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1

DangoStack comes from Daoxiang Lin. The object is to get Your Man, the bright pulsing bubble, to the target. Your Man can jump onto other bubbles and then travel together.

iPhone Screenshot 2

There are numerous features that add to the complexity:
1. Blue and Red circles open and close bridges.
2. The Number Tile: if it says 5, then you must land on it with 5 bubbles to open a bridge.
3. The Ice Field – there are no individual steps, just gliding to the end.
4. Arrows force movement.

iPhone Screenshot 4

I’m not crazy about the graphics. Nevertheless, this puzzle game is pretty good. Not impossibly hard, but hard enough.  Definitely worth your time.

At the moment, I’m stuck on level 55. There are 60 levels. The game is free and there are no ads.
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