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Snakebird by Noumenon Games Free

iPhone Screenshot 1

Loyal Blog Followers Daniel and Joel and others have sung high praise for Snakebird.

iPhone Screenshot 4

The object is to get your snake/snakes to stretch out and get to the rainbow hole.

iPhone Screenshot 3

I have not solved many levels. Each one takes a lot of time, which I don’t necessarily have to devote to a single game. Nevertheless, each level that I did solve had a fun ‘aha’ moment. If could focus on just 1 game for a month, it’s be Snakebird. It’s excellent.
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Panal Puzzle:

iPhone Screenshot 1     iPhone Screenshot 4

Josh from J&J Studios LLC contacted me months ago about his puzzle app game Panal Puzzle. It’s been on the back of my mind for a while. Here’s the description from him: ‘Panal Puzzle is a simple, yet challenging, game about shape and color that goes beyond the traditional block or tangram style puzzle. As you place the pieces on the board the overlapping red, green, and blue tiles mix together to turn white. When the entire board has turned white you’ve solved the puzzle!

Panal Puzzle is the ultimate brain teaser because you have to use the elements of color combination and shape in order to solve the puzzles. It will keep you entertained for hours!

If you want more challenge than the traditional block style or tangram puzzle games offer, and if you enjoy a clean, clear interface and puzzles that will keep your mind in shape, you’ll love Panal Puzzle!

Bring some color into your life with Panal Puzzle!’ If you get seriously into it, please let me know.

I have not played Panal Puzzle extensively.

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Loop 101 (Free) – puzzle app game for ipad, iphone

iPhone Screenshot 5

SANG MOON JOO has recently published a slew of interesting puzzle app games.  Loop 101 (Free) is the latest.  The objective is to fill the board completely with loops. Think of a snake eating its tail.

Look at the image above.  See the red circle? Its loop must pass over the red square. It will then have to go around the blue circle.

See the orange circle? It can’t form a loop because purple is in the way.

Oh yes, there are wormholes – and that’s when things get more interesting.

I did all the ‘easy’ & ‘normal’ levels in about 45 minutes. I have not downloaded the paid version.

A more interesting game, that’s very similar is Patchmania.

Sang Moon Joo’s other games
Maze 11
Number Escape
4 Way Puzzle
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Tchisla: Calculator Game with Numbers by HORIS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Free

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2

Tchisla is a math puzzle.  It’s very similar to the Four 4′s Puzzle where the objective is to represent the numbers 1-100 using four 4′s.  I tried that one almost 20 years ago and missed a few numbers.

Description from the App Store:
Tchisla is a really absorbing number puzzle from the creators of Euclidea. Explore the magic world of numbers and train your mental arithmetic skills. All you need is to represent numbers as arithmetical expressions using only one of the digits from 1 to 9. This can be done in various ways. You gain more points if your solution uses fewer digits and sometimes your way to the optimal solution looks like an exciting quest.

You can use standard arithmetic operations +, -, *, /, and brackets, extract square roots (√), raise to a power (^), and apply factorials (!). The factorial (n!) is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n.
For example:

96 = 99 – √9
96 = 4 * 4!
96 = 2 * 2 * (22 + 2)
96 = 111 – (1 + 1)^(1 + 1 + 1 + 1) + 1
2048 = ((5 + 5) / 5) ^ (55 / 5)
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Space Crystals: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Kelvin Peach has come up with a fun puzzle app game called Space Crystals.  The object is to get your red plane to fly over all the red crystals. Then, fly the plane to the blue pentagon – see the first image. When that happens, the plane will turn blue and the final objective is to fly over all of the blue crystals. The harder levels have more colors and the puzzle part if figuring out the correct sequence.

On some levels, your plane will have to dodge other planes and/or meteors.
The puzzles are not too hard, but they’re fun!  There are 15 levels, and I solved them all. I wanted more!
Space Crystals reminds me of another game called Blockswipe. See my review.
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Side by Side (Game): puzzle app for ipad, iphone

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPad Screenshot 1

Guenther Rosenbaum recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Side by Side (Game).
The object is to fill the grid with numbers or X’s so that all the numbers form one big cluster – connected either vertically or horizontally.

No two adjacent numbers can be identical.

Each number indicates how many adjacent numbers are next to it.

Grid sizes go from 6×6 to 15×15.

I’ve done about 10 levels at the 6×6 & 7×7 levels.  It is obvious to me that this game is a Labor of Love for Guenther. He’s taken his time to get everything right. Everything. 

If you’re still playing Sudoku, take a break and try this game.
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LightBox3 by Eric Clough on Kickstarter

There’s a lot of fuss about Eric Clough’s new puzzle: Lightbox3.

About 7 years ago Eric finished a project transforming a Manhattan apartment into a spectacular puzzle palace.  It was written up in the NY Times.  Naturally, I invited him to give a presentation at the annual New York Puzzle Party. He accepted and his talk/slide show was fantastic.

LightBox3 is his newest creation and it’s very very cool. Check out the videos.
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Twelve – Hardest Puzzle: free puzzle app game

iPhone Screenshot 2           

Cetin Caglar has created a point scoring game that’s a combination of 2048 and Tripevo and Moskeez. The object is to combine pairs of numbers and upgrade them.  Two 7′s will combine to make a single 8. After each turn, a new number will randomly appear.

Similar to a lot of other games, the numbers will combine if there’s a clear path.

If you cannot make a match, then 2 new numbers will randomly appear. This is bad.

The game ends when you have no more room and cannot make a match.

After every 24 moves, all of your tiles will be rearranged in a new location. Also when that happens, you don’t get a new tile. This is critically important.

The highest tile that can be achieved is 12.

iPhone Screenshot 3

Twelve – Hardest Puzzle is a seriously good puzzle app. Quite possibly one of the best of 2014. My only criticism concerns the random tiles that pop up. They are only 1, 2 or 3. This makes the game go  too slowly. At times it feels like solving a Chinese Rings or Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

The game Threes! has a formula: whatever your current high tile is, divide that by 8, and that’s the highest random tile that can pop up. My suggestion to Cetin: make the random tiles rise up to 3 less than the highest tile.

My high score is 6539 which places me at #22 out of 29,000 players. That particular game took more than an hour. Not because I took my time. Getting the first 11 can take about 30 minutes.

Addendum: I just found out that this game was updated. I’ve been playing the ‘aggressive’ version. There is now a ‘normal’ and ‘hard’ option. I’m not sure how they are different.

Housecleaning: The List of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014 will be published on December 30 & 31.  Get your party hats ready.

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3Doku: puzzle app game for iPhone, iPad

Tired of Sudoku? Me too. But recently Simone Tellini sent me a promo code for his 3D version of Sudoku which he calls 3Doku.

It’s MONSTER SIZED. The idea is to solve 27 Sudokus simultaneously. 9 in each direction.

Look at the bottom right image. All of those white dots represent numbers that have already been filled in.  Now look at the other 3 images: you will view those grids at the same time. So, if a 6 works on the x-axis grid, you will have to confirm/prove that it works on the y & z axes.

I solved 1 puzzle at the ’Easy – I’m just learning the game’ level and it took a while.  A few minutes to figure out the controls.  Then I’d say it took another hour or so to complete it.

I felt the need to document solving it so I took a screen shot. (Am I being insecure? And why won’t  BlogSpot let me copy and paste it so I can show the world.)

If I didn’t have so many other puzzle app games to play, I’d give the harder levels a go.

3Doku is $ .99.  Do it to prove your brainpower. At the very least, it’ll impress your friends. Especially if they’re playing that stupid Candy Crush game.
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Lateral Puzzles : Series #1 by HYBRIONA TECHNOLOGIES LLP FREE

I’ve been a fan of Lateral Thinking Puzzles since I was about 12.  The coining of the phrase Lateral Thinking was done by Edward de Bono.

This particular game Lateral Puzzles : Series #1 has 100 puzzles with a few ads thrown in.  I’ve done 50 in about 30 minutes. Many are old. Some have spelling mistakes.

I’m attaching just 1 image. The solution made me laugh.
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