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Flanker: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 3

Marc Zovighian’s Flanker is another maze puzzle app.  Yawn?  Actually no.

The objective is to get the blue ball to the white square. As expected: there are mirrors and of course….wormholes.

Here’s what I like: when the blue ball passes over the little yellow squares, they grow and become walls.

iPhone Screenshot 4

Look at the second image. See the white stars? They travel around swiftly so you have to time your swiping.  One level in particular, I forgot which one, is particularly challenging & fun.

According to the game, there are 75 levels. In fact, there are only 60. They go pretty quickly.
Marc’s goal is to raise money for Parkinson’s.  I like that.
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Shapu: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Do you remember BrainSquare from about 3 years ago? I liked it.  The same people have made Shapu which is possibly better. The object is to get all the colored balls to their respective homes.

iPhone Screenshot 3

When shifting rows and columns, all the white dots & colored dots travel together.  However, every move must have 1 dot get eliminated by falling off the grid.  Furthermore, the colored dots have to reach their homes in a specific order. To get 100% for a level, make sure that all the white dots are gone.

I like this concept a lot. These puzzles can get difficult.

Two Problems
1. It takes a long time for this game to load. I’m using an ipad 2 which is now 5 years old.
2.  I completed all of Pack 1.  Then moved on to Pack 2.  After taking a break, my progress in Pack 2 was not saved!

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Slangle: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2  iPhone Screenshot 3

Slangle comes from Benjamin Martinson. It’s one of those sliding tile puzzles that are often described as a 2D version of Rubik’s Cube. Basically, the objective is to move the rectangles to group the blue squares together and the same for the red squares etc.

iPhone Screenshot 4

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve done way too many puzzles like this and enough is enough!  However, Slangle is quite good. For one thing, some of the pieces are triangular and that’s new.
Also, the shapes are quite nice.
There are 44 levels and 20 of them are free.  I did 20 free levels in about 20 minutes. I would have done them faster, but ads kept popping up.

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Puzzle Dots Game by Kejia Li FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3

Puzzle Dots Game comes from Kejia Li. It’s one of those ‘all the dots move in the same direction at the same time’ type games where the object is to get the dots to their respective rings.

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 5

The graphics are excellent. The level of difficulty does not seem to vary very much.

I did the first 100 in about 10 minutes and part of those 10 minutes was used to fast forward through tv commercials.  I did the last 100 levels in about 20 minutes. Altogether there are 1200 puzzles.

If you like this genre, definitely try the harder games listed below.

Similar games (this list is incomplete):

Movez  Pretty much the same as Block Mania but it has 1680 levels. I’ve solved 592 of them. That’s probably enough.
Frozen Ice Cubes  What’s different: there’s a point of ‘no return’.
Escapology, reviewed by Nicola Salmoria. He told me about this game ages ago. I played it and enjoyed it, but never blogged about it.
Block Mania Similar to Movez
Move Puzzle – A Funny Strategy Game, Matching Tiles Within Finite Moves 
Vubu What’s different: the vubu men have different powers. Very sophisticated, very intelligent. Possibly the very best in this genre.
Move: A Brain Shifting Game
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Super Sharp is free today.

iPhone Screenshot 4

Super Sharp is free today. Not sure if this is temporary or permanent. It’s a physics puzzle.

The objective is to get the colored object to hit the colored little squares by slicing the white pieces. The black pieces cannot be cut.

I’ve done maybe 15 of the 120 levels.  Also, it’s been rated 5 stars by almost 3000 people. Very impressive.
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Quell Reflect: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

3 years ago I posted a review of the original Quell. Click here to see that.

Quell is a tilt/swipe puzzle game app. The object is to collect the little tokens by swiping the blue water bubble.

Quell Reflect is polished. The puzzle are challenging, but not impossibly so. There are some interesting features: worm holes, deadly spikes and male/female blocks.

There are approximately 80 levels. Right now I’ve done about half of them.

2014 is off to a good start.

Correction: Quell Reflect came out in 2011. It was recently updated and that’s why I thought the game was new.

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God’s Orbits by Alexandre La Boissonniere

 God’s Orbits comes from Alexandre La Boissonniere. It’s a physics/astronomy puzzle.  The object is to place the orbs so that they will complete 1 revolution around the sun.

Alexandre’s description:
God has been making planets and stars orbit around each other for billions of years. But as any normal person, He now needs a break. So, as God takes a week’s vacation and goes to Cancún, you need to replace Him and do His job.

The game is a gravity simulation based on Newton’s law of universal gravity where you control the speed and direction of a single planet. You’ll need to find the precise trajectory of this planet to make it orbit around another celestial body.

A lot of features are offered to diversify the different challenges at hand.

• Every planet in our solar system
• Suns
• Antimatter stars
• Neutron stars
• Wormholes
• Black holes

The game contains a total of 60 levels (and more to come). The first 7 are free and all the others can be unlocked with one single purchase.

I’ve done levels 1-5. I’m stuck on 6.  It’s all guess and check and then watch the orbs either collide or fall into the sun. I’m stuck on level 7 too. It’s very cool though.

Of those levels, I didn’t encounter antimatter stars or neutron stars or black holes.  I like the concept a lot. But it’s not a pure logic puzzle.
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English Country Tune by increpare $.99

iPhone Screenshot 2

English Country Tune came out in 2011 and I didn’t learn about it until about a year ago.

iPhone Screenshot 3

The game is similar to sokoban.  The first series of of puzzles introduces a 3D field where the object is to push balls onto their targets.  Gravity is a factor, which means a ball can travel far. What makes it confusing is that gravity does not necessarily work in a consistent direction. It depends on the orientation of Your Man moving the individual balls.  I was stuck on one level forever. Until this weekend when I thought about finding a solution via a youtube walkthrough.

iPhone Screenshot 4

My favorite section of puzzles is the one depicted in the first image. Your Man does not push the actual cubes. Rather, Your Man pushes the horizontal & vertical light beams that emanate from those cubes. Fantastic concept and challenging and fun.

I slowed down considerably on the more advanced levels, primarily because of the 3D graphics.
Not available for android devices.
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Prismatica: puzzle on Steam

Would love to see this as an ios app.

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Five 20 by Mike Lowe

Un-Scramble as many Five Letter words as fast as possible and beat the 20 second clock. Every Completed word resets the 20 second clock. You have 3 opportunities to skip a word if you just can’t figure it out. 

What will be your highest score?

My high score is a mere 8. I showed this game to a group of 5 others and we made it a team effort.  We got 22.

Fun and fast game.
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