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CastleMouse and Mouse Trapz

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Gabriel Jensen recently contacted me about his puzzle app game CastleMouse.

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It’s essentially a maze game where the object is to get the mouse to run to the hole.  Look at the third image. Cats scare mice, dogs scare cats….and mice scare elephants!  Great concept.  The puzzle seems easy, but they get pretty complicated at the medium level.

Jason Forbes came out with a similar game called Mouse Trapz a while ago.  I never saw it. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed a little controversy about this.

According to Jason:
Technically speaking, Castle Mouse came first way back in the 90′s (it was a Director-based game on, if you remember in the Macromedia days). I loved the concept of that game and always thought it was really fun and simple to understand but could get infinitely complex, so when I first started getting in to iOS development I wanted to do an updated version. I added some additional elements (like cheese and obstacles) and a level-builder to expand the replayability. 

I didn’t even know until you sent this that someone was using the Castle Mouse name now (looks like it just came out), I wonder if its the original developer? I’ve attached a screen from the original game, which makes me doubt its the same developer (the original had pretty decent art for back in the day, this new version is using Emoji for icons).
My thoughts: both games are good, fun and challenging.  If there’s a controversy: just remember this. Nobody is making real money on the App Store. CastleMouse  Mouse Trapz

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