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Blogic Puzzle Fee: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Blogic was one of a slew of good puzzle app games that got published at the end of 2014.  The object is to draw one continuous path that will cover every square.

What’s particularly good: You must also figure out where the entrance and exit are.
Also good: there are plenty of easy levels to solve. The graphics are very good. The tutorial is helpful for novice puzzlers.

What’s not as good: there’s a weird system of earning stars that doesn’t make much sense. Not that that’s important anyway.
Also not so good: on the harder levels, you can figure out parts of the path…..but eventually you will have to do some guess & check.  When you do that and want to backtrack, there’s no proper undo button; you may as well just start from scratch.

What’s good and bad: Over 1000. levels. Perhaps you want that. Too many for me.
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