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Blackthorn Castle by Lone Wolf Games, LLC $1.99

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Recently Blackthorn Castle was listed as free.  It’s similar to the famous Myst.

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Your task to to wander around, pick up things, utilize them in other places and solve random puzzles.

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There didn’t seem to be much of a plot.  And the puzzles themselves weren’t too hard.  No need to consult a walkthrough.

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Interesting: there are about 65 different scenes.  At any time, you can ask for a clue and it will reveal which scene to go to.  The map on the bottom right lists the location for each scene which is very helpful.  If you pick up a horseshoe, you could wander around and around and try to remember exactly where you might use it. Or you could save all that time with a clue to the location. The game still takes at least 2 or 3 hours to play.

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The artwork is good. Navigation is a bit awkward in some locations: tap on the bottom center to reverse.

At the very end, I was surprised because solving a certain puzzle and getting the object inside was no different from 20 other puzzles.

Mystery Lighthouse is very similar. There is a bit more plot. The ending is wonderful.
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