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Slide Puzzle. NikSan Tech FREE

Slide Puzzle. comes from NikSan Tech. The object is to slide the numbers to their correct spot.

Green tiles are good. Red tiles: need to be shunted around.

There are 500 levels, which is way too many.  I’ve done about 75 levels.

If you’re the type of puzzler who is looking to solve while making the fewest moves, this game is for you.

Relaxing game. If you want more of a challenge, look for Subway Shuffle.
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Update on Value Maximum from Loyal Blog Follower Joel

I have something to add to your new blog entry about Value Maximum. 
This is a quite interesting game with unique rules. I haven’t figured it out to 100%, but I think I understand the most of it. 
Here are some screenshots of the tutorial. 
You have to paste numbers from 1 to 4 on the grid. If there are two equal numbers in the same row or column, the numbers (and stars) between them will be added to one number, which appears at the place you have pasted your number before. The other part of the pair of numbers becomes a star. And if there are two stars in a row/column the numbers between them will be added in the same way as before (like the pair of numbers). 
After pasting a number on the grid, you are allowed to move one number to a star next to it. 
The game ends, when the score gets higher than the sum of the numbers (on the whole grid). 
I hope, you can understand my explanation. ;-) With this I reached a score of 73, which places me on rank 4 on the leaderboard.
By the way: I have send you a friend request on Gamecenter. I would be happy to have you on my contact list. :-)
image1.PNG image2.PNG
image3.PNG  image3.PNG

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Politaire by Pine Entertainment Free

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Politaire is a point scoring puzzle app game.

Politaire is a Solitaire mixed with Poker. Your aim is to make winning hands with 5 active cards in your hand.

Choose cards that you want to discard and swipe it away. Upcoming cards will fill up your active hand and score if you make a winning hand. Discarded cards will go back to the pile, waiting to come up again. 

The minimalist visuals hide an interesting depth that will keep challenging and surprising as you master it.”

My thoughts:
1. Excellent graphics
2. My high score is 2800 after 5 games.
3. You could better maximize your score by keeping a companion deck of cards to keep track of what’s left toward the end. Expert bridge players keep this in their memory banks constantly.
4. You may be going for a yellow flush….but if there’s a blue 7 to match your yellow 7 – tough luck. That’s why this game is interesting.

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Six Logic: Use Your Brain!

Puzzle screen on iPad, portrait mode

Loyal Blog Follower David Cole steered me to Six Logic: Use Your Brain! It’s a pictorial logic puzzle. The object is to sort through the Row Hints and the Column Hints to determine which figure is in which cell.

Puzzle screen on iPad, landscape mode

There are 3 levels of difficulty.  The easy ones are good to start with to understand how the hints are written.  I’ve done a dozen of the ‘normal’ puzzles and they took between 9 minutes and 45 minutes. The 45 minute game may have been shorter because - after making a mistake, a time penalty is added.

I think puzzles are generated randomly.  Also, at the end of one game, I noticed that there were 2 possibilities for the final 2 cells. But there should be a unique solution for each puzzle. That’s okay.!/id344058289?l=es&ls=1&mt=8 In Spanish!/id344058289?mt=8 In English

Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
Six Logic: Use Your Brain! was originally published in December 2009. It’s been updated a bunch of times, most recently in September 2014.

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Solve – Decrypt Logic Kyung-Hun Kim FREE

Solve – Decrypt Logic comes from Kyung-Hun Kim. It’s one of those games where each level is a completely different puzzle. Can you figure it out. Hints are available.

I don’t know how many levels there are.  The concept has been done before. Still, it’s interesting.
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BlockSwipe: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

About 2 weeks ago I saw BlockSwipe as a new puzzle app and thought to myself ‘looks like another swipe puzzle’. I ignored it. Image 1 looks a lot like past puzzles, which are usually quite good.

Then about a week ago, I got a note from the developers asking me to give it a serious test run.  Okay, I thought.

Objective: You are the blue square and must collect the yellow stars and land at the bright yellow square.

The first 5 or 6 levels – typical.  After that, things got very interesting. Besides finding the correct route to pick up the stars and then end at the big yellow square, you must dodge fast moving gray blocks.

There’s more!  Look at image #2.  See the green square? If you attempt to crash into it, you will bounce back rapidly.

Look at the third image. See the red star in the bottom left? It turns on/off every 1.5 seconds. You will have to traverse it. The white blocks are ice. You can crash into them once and they will crack. The second time, they will disintegrate.

The Red Squares (no image here) make you red-hot. If you touch another red square, you will burn up. Before you touch another red square, you will need to cool off by hitting an ice block.

I completed 25 levels perfectly. I was so proud, I wrote to the developers asking them to inform me right away of future levels.  I didn’t notice the other 125 levels! Since then I’ve completed about 130 levels. I can’t stop playing this game.

I love this game! Definitely one of the Best Puzzle app Games in 2013.

BlockSwipe is very reminiscent of The World’s Hardest Game.  I played that about 5 or 6 years ago and gave up after level 25 or so.

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Sudoku Adventure: puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1
Scott Maramo recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game Sudoku Adventure. Needless to say, it’s Sudoku!  However, I must say, there’s a funny animation at the beginning that’s kind of cute.
iPhone Screenshot 2

Having done thousands of sudokus, I’m kind of tired of the genre.  Sorry Scott!

iPhone Screenshot 4

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Outfolded by 3 Sprockets Free!

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Outfolded by 3 Sprockets is an extremely popular puzzle app game. The object is to unroll – face by face – your cubes to go from 1 square to another. The game is endless.  I did 12 levels and thought to myself – it’s okay.  I think it’s appealing because of the music and the fact that you can undo every move.

Somebody on the Leaderboard has done over 4000 levels.

Reviews from the App Store:

Amazing game! One problem

I played the game constantly
And I would enjoy the satisfaction of winning and getting new themes. But once I got to level 400 I lost that feeling… There’s noting to look forward too, and I found out the game has no end. I can’t play the game with no end, maybe it’s just me but the game would be so much more if there were themes for the next couple hundred levels, but I want to say thank you. It’s such an amazing game, I loved it, while it lasted.
The atmosphere, everything from colors to music and sound effects, is deeply relaxing. The game allows to go at your own pace and allows for unlimited restarts on each level. A game that normally would be frustrating is extremely relaxing.
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Snaky Snake by Nicolas Pierre-Loti-Viaud FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

Nicolas Pierre-Loti-Viaud recently contacted me about his new puzzle Snaky Snake.  Nicolas made Cubot 2 years ago.  That’s a great puzzle with exceptional graphics.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4

Snaky Snake is more of a dexterity game. Still, quick strategic thinking is essential.

The object is to rotate the globe so that your snake will gobble up its food and then grow.  The game ends when your snake crashes into something or itself!

There are 10 different worlds at the moment. A new one will be added every week.

I’ve played through 5 levels.  My highest score so far is 41 in Shark World. Funny: the shark eats rubber ducks.

The unicorn world: follow the seams of a baseball.

The Panda world is the hardest so far. Crossing the bridges over the river is difficult. The world spins a bit too much.

I must confess, the sharp rotations to avoid obstacles can sometimes make me seasick.

I definitely want to explore the other 5 worlds though.
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Fastest Robot Solving Rubik’s Cube

About 18 months ago I attended the Rubik’s Cube exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.  It had a video showing the history of robots that could solve Rubik’s Cube.  I believe the fastest machine did it in 6 seconds. Or maybe it was 3 seconds.

Well, there’s a new robot in town that is blazing fast.
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